Avant-Garde Glasses 2018 Choices

25 October 2018

Term avant-garde means unusual and experimental and mostly applies to arts and fashion. Avant-garde glasses have never been offered in larger choice than now. We are at the era when avant-garde is the major direction of the artists that embrace it fully in all fields of arts. It is not easy when it comes down to sunglasses and glasses that are treated as a vision accessory for everyday use. The fine line needs to be maintained between practical, comfortable and artsy. I am glad to show you glasses that look out-of-future and are still very comfortable.

Dior Club2 Dior Bianca
Dior Diorclub2 Dior DiorBianca

Out of all Illuminata Eyewear collections, number 1 avant-garde brand is Fendi, closely followed by Dior, Prada and the rest. The use of color, shape, and detail is mind-blowing, to say the least.

Fendi FF0296 Fendi FF0215
Fendi FF0296 S Fendi FF0215 S

Over this year we find that people are warming up to more experimental glasses designs by trying them on and buying. Fewer people are surprised to see funky styles, and we hear less Wow and Oh No! Glasses meant to delivery joy and cheered. They are not only for work and office.

Carrera SKI LL Carrera 5046 S
Carrera SKi LL Carrera 5046 S

Avant-garde does not automatically means beautiful. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One can find it beautiful and another ugly. But for sure avant-garde is unusual, fun and extraordinary. In glasses like these, you will be complimented on and on.

Perhaps the reason more people are embracing fun fashion in eyeglasses is that more people have several pairs of glasses for different occasions. A very active advertisement of avant-garde styles is everywhere on Twitter and in fashion magazines.

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