Burberry Heritage Carried Through Sunglasses

26 August 2018

Burberry is one of the oldest and most historical British brand names. It dates back to 1856, times when fashion was starting to emerge as a phenomenon. Thomas Burberry was a visionary and entrepreneur who invented gabardine, a trench coat waterproof material to make his coats more practical. Little he knew that his invention would change the course of the fashion industry and make him one of the richest men in England.

Burberry BE4271F Burberry BE4265
Burberry BE4271F
Burberry BE4265

Today everyone in Canada heard of Burberry. At Illuminata Eyewear we have been selling Burberry glasses and sunglasses for many years and have developed a group of Burberry loyal customers who will always try Burberry glasses when shopping for their next pair. You can't go wrong when buying Burberry sunglasses for yourself or a gift. The beauty of the brand that it hasn't been changing their styles too much in the past 100 years. The trench coat is still the same, and despite traditionalism, it is one of the best selling items for the brand today. The Burberry brown-beige checkerboard pattern is another reason brand is famous for. Sunglasses combine these two elements. They are mostly classic in design and often have favorite Burberry pattern printed on temples of frames.

Best selling Burberry sunglasses are aviators. With Burberry touch, they look more fashion and less sporty if to compare them to other brands. Interestingly, the shape and the color is the same as the others. It's the image of the brand that makes their aviators stand out. That tiny little pattern or perhaps, just the general feeling is what will make you feel so special.

Burberry BE3092Q Burberry BE3098
Burberry BE3092Q
Burberry BE3098

A favorite shopping factor for Burberry sunglasses is that they are very reasonably priced. For $250 you can land with a pair of Burberry sunglasses and fall in love with them forever. Unisex design of many models gives you another reason to feel confident in Burberry purchase. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try the newest styles of Burberry sunglasses. We have many best selling models in stock and can ship the same day if your order online. We offer lifetime service that includes adjustments, cleaning, and repairs.