Double Brow Bar Is a Popular Trend for Women Sunglasses

13 October 2017

Women sunglasses trends have come a full circle from neutral masculine styles, to round retro, aviators, then feminine cat eye and now back to somewhat masculine again. A brow bar is a new trend for women sunglasses.

Prada SPR 55T, $536

This year we see more of sunglasses in various shapes with such a double bridge brow line. There are round, square and even geometric cat eye styles. 

Prada SPR 23S, $536.30

This trend connects to fashion in general that in the past year was leaning towards 80s and hippies. Back then fashion was loud and glasses very large. Glasses didn't have a clear men - women side. It was all neutral with people exploring themselves and cheering for equality, peace and human rights. It was a good time that made a lot of positive changes in the world. Celebrities took political stands. Beatles, John Lennon, Elton John, Michael Jackson were in forefronts of that movement. They also innovated with fashion image and made certain styles stick out. This style soon evolved and now almost 40 years later got new life.

Sunglasses designers are having a lot of fun these days. There is no criticism to the new ideas. Customers are more open minded. We very much enjoy how innovative sunglasses have become.

Dior Chromic S, $710