Fall Glasses Collection by Prada is Now Selling at Illuminata

23 November 2017

Prada glasses Fall 2017 have arrived at our store and we are so glad to share them with you. This season Prada decided to play safe and make more classic models of glasses with just a few fashion twists. We observe many larger, bolder frames that generally look good on many young people. Prada however brought back a few models that are shallower in depth to accomodate customers who are still looking for more conservative look. 

Prada clothing and shoes are following same trend of taking the ideas from the past and incorporating them into the modern fashion. Sneakers with fur balls and on thick sole has now became a shoe of the year. Pencil shaped coats and burgundy colors have been part of print advertising in fashion magazines. Unisex, sporty and comfortable styles remain as main elements of Prada identity.

Prada SPR 10T, $1181

Prada VPR 13T, $325

We see many round sunglasses and glasses. Round have not made it to North America yet, but in fashionable Asia 90% of young people are wearing round glasses. It is just becoming a modern fashion right now and even pass fashion stage. Round glasses are mainstream. Prada round glasses are not same from 60s, not at all. Modern Prada glasses look much cooler and more beautiful due to modified bridge shape, creative temple designs and that shiny acetate material that just didn't exsist back in the days.

Prada VPR 09T, $391

Prada has everything. Out of 150 glasses models there is something for everyone! Drop in to try and get them just on time before Christmas!