Into 2019 With Practical Fashion Eyewear

3 January 2019

We are so thrilled to meet 2019 and are so excited about this new year. Happy New Year to everyone, best of luck, love, and most importantly health!

Over the 20 years that Illuminata Eyewear is in business we experienced a true eyewear revolution. It's hard to imagine that just 20 years ago we didn't have even a fraction of the glasses choice that we have today. Hundreds of new eyeglasses brands emerged and even established brands put their design teams to work on eyeglasses. Twenty years ago we didn't have Versace, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, Bvlgari eyewear. We see many new brands establishing their name every year. 

We noticed that apart from a wide variety of design many brands took an innovative path working on making glasses more comfortable and suitable for the active lives of people. More thought is put into how people physically feel when they wear glasses. Also, how to make them withstand more impact and last longer for best customer satisfaction. 


Major innovation is about weight. When titanium glasses came to market, it was an instant hit. Titanium is one of the strongest materials, but also very light. It comes with a heavy price tag, as titanium is hard to mine and has a limited supply. Still, even today titanium glasses are popular among our customers. To our surprise, other materials are reworked, so they are just as light, if not lighter than titanium. We have many glasses in stock by Lightec and Prodesign that are made out of aluminum or very thin steel and feel featherlike.

Hindges is another field that is worked on heavily by glasses industrial designers. We see many innovative methods to make spring hinge without the use of screws. OGA, Lightec, and Prodesign  have patented technology for their hinges.

Use of color had a breakthrough over the past ten years with the arrival of Coco Song. Instead of painting the glasses they laminate printed silk and dried flowers to achieve remarkable color and painting effects.

Asian fit designs are now so popular that many fashion brands have two versions of each glasses model with standard nose pad and elongated, or metal to accommodate nose bridges for more people. The fitting barrier to fashion has been officially defeated with this manufacturing approach.