New Saint Laurent Collection is Now Selling at Illuminata Eyewear

14 January 2020

Saint Laurent sunglasses and glasses are now waiting for the new owners at the Illuminata store! We have a long history with the brand and have been carrying it from the begging of our store, since 25 years ago.

Up until recently, Saint Laurent brand went by Yves Saint Laurent, until the new creative director Hedi Slimane rebranded the company to Saint Laurent in 2016. While the move was hit with much criticism, Heidi argued that Saint Laurent was the original name of the brand. Never the less, Hedi Slimane has done very well for the brand and brought it to the new heights. Today, Saint Laurent is one of the most popular luxury fashion brands.

Yves Saint Laurent, the company founder, needs little introduction. He is one of the most recognized French names in fashion history. It is fair to say that without Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Berge, fashion wouldn't be what it is today. Yves Saint Laurent is credited for creating modern fashion and bringing it to the 20th century. Yves Saint Laurent famously worked with Christian Dior and headed the Dior label after his passing. Christian Dior was so excited about the new talent that he named him his successor just days before he died, although that Yves was just 21 when he took over the reins of Dior brand.

Soon after he founded his brand Yves Saint Laurent and took it to a completely different direction from Dior feminine style. Yves wanted to revolutionize women's fashion by giving women choices, particularly with wearing pants. He dropped bows and ribbons, also tight, wasted dressed. Over the decade, women all over the world were wearing pantsuits, trapezia dresses and simply styled clothing. The rest of the career Yves worked on creating simple luxury and achieving the recognition in luxury fashion, which was hard to justify given the absence of jewelry and details.

Yves Saint Laurent wore glasses the entire life and had a special passion for eyewear. This passion most likely came from Christian Dior. Dior was known eyewear fanatic, inventor and creator, Yves Saint Laurent loved bold, thick plastic glasses which remains the signature style for Saint Laurent eyewear.

Saint Laurent SL232 BETTY Saint Laurent SL213 LILY Saint Laurent SL1 
Sailt Laurent SL 157 Saint Laurent SL 124 Saint Laurent SL M152

2020 Saint Laurent eyewear collection is rich with many beautiful and unexpected shapes. Saint Laurent sunglasses are either large, square and with the flat lens or wide and long. There is no in-between. Style demands statement and you get it with every pair of Saint Laurent glasses. Visit the Illuminata store to try the most exciting models or our online store for the complete collection.