Ray-Ban Makes Cutest Kids Designer Glasses!

23 May 2019

Ray-Ban kids glasses
With summer approaching fast, it's the rush sunglasses season. We see many adults shopping for sunglasses. But what about kids? Protecting their precious eyes from harmful UV rays is just as important as yours. Instead of getting them the next toy, you will do double good by getting them one pair of high-quality sunglasses.

Let's break it down what makes kids sunglasses high quality. First and most important is the lens. There is a big difference between high-quality sun lenses and low quality. High-quality sun lenses are coated with several layers of UV protection. In high-quality sunglasses, those protective coatings will last through extreme wear, cleanings, washings, and abuse. They will not wash off or come off with even very abusive wear. Low-quality sunglasses may appear cute and nice at the beginning, but the UV protective coatings may not even be there. Remember, UV coatings are not tinted. They are not visible when you look at or through the lens. They are applied during the manufacturing process. Many people think that if sunglasses are nice and dark, they provide good sun protection. This is a huge misconception because lens color has nothing to do with the UV protection. Even good quality clear prescription lenses are made with UV protective coatings. Low-quality sunglasses may not have UV protective coating, or it will easily come off.

What happens if the UV coating is not there, but the lens remains dark? The pupil will dilate letting even more UV through. It's worse than not having sunglasses on. So, do the right thing for your children, get them high-quality sunglasses.

Secondly, high-quality sunglasses are made from hand made acetate that is easy to adjust for the best comfort. Kids tend to run around a lot, which may disfigure sunglasses. Good quality sunglasses will not break easily, even if gone through multiple impacts, falling and throwing. The temples will not snap off, and they will be easy to adjust to the right fit.

Lastly, the style. Kids and parents must find sunglasses appealing to enjoy them. High-quality sunglasses are made to enjoy!

At Illuminata Eyewear, we have many kids sunglasses in stock by Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is the worlds most valuable brand of sunglasses that also makes affordable, high-quality sunglasses for children. Visit our store to try our stock or buy online.