Ray-Ban Proud to Belong Campaign

3 December 2019

Ray-Ban is a people's brand of eyewear. This year, the brand mission is to celebrate human diversity by launching the Proud To Belong campaign.

People behind Ray-Ban brand can be proud of the fact that it has achieved the highest level of diversity among eyeglasses. Ray-Ban Wayfarer, signature Aviators, and Clubmaster models are worn by people all over the world. They are worn by people from all backgrounds, whether it's a celebrity, a president of the country, or just simple people like me and you. No matter who wears Ray-Ban sunglasses, they always look good. Teenagers wear them, working-class, seniors, and even children. 

Ray-Ban is one of the oldest eyewear brands in the world. But it's just within 20 years since it's become a household brand for most Americans. 

At Illuminata Eyewear, we have a long tradition with Ray-Ban glasses. Ever since our store is in business, and it's been over 20 years now, we have been selling Ray-Ban eyewear. We make sure; we always have major classics on the shelf, plus the current fashion models for the most expanded choice.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Ray-Ban Aviators RB3558 Ray-Ban Clubmaster

What makes Ray-Ban glasses special? In our opinion, its the consistency of the style. When other brands keep redoing their styles every year, discontinuing models that have just gained popularity, Ray-Ban keeps the three classics Wayfarer, signature Aviators, and Clubmaster in production all the time. Why reinvent the old when it's working. To keep the excitement going, Ray-Ban adds special edition colors, collaborates with other brands, and places them into movies. For example, this year, Ray-Ban collaborated with Ferrari to issue a special edition for the most popular models.

No one canceled the importace of the quality. Ray-Ban sunglasses have a reputation of durable, lightweight and excellent lens quality. Again, quality has been very consistent in Ray-Ban glasses and every year is just getting better.