Sunglasses for Father's Day. In stock. Come and Get.

14 June 2018

Father's day is coming up this weekend. Don't put it to last second. If you are planning on making him a gift, you have two days left. But we at Illuminata Eyewear make it easy for you. We have many amazing sunglasses in stock to fit any style or size. Here are our top picks for this week:

Something classy:

  Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119
  Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119

Something fancy:

  Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L
  Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L

Something fashionable:

  Armani AE4092 Carrera 8010 
  Armani EA4092  Carrera 8010

Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2163
Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2173

Peada SPR 51O Tom Ford Holt
Prada SPR 51O Tom Ford TF516 Holt