Transparent Glasses Offer a New Vision Perspective

20 October 2017

Among endless glasses shapes, colors and styles a new trend has emerged - transparent glasses. Transparent, or clear glasses frames have been around for many years, but only recently the trend started to take volume. Many brands are offering prescription and sunglasses frames in clear color and more people are starting to love them.

Dolce & Gabbana DG5025 $319

We see many advantages in clear glasses. First, they look light and quite disappearing on the face. Whoever used to be a fan of rimless glasses, might want to consider plastic transparent frames. Similar to rimless, acetate transparent frames blend in the frace and with proper anti-glare coated lenses they will disappar on your face visually.

Tom Ford FT5353 $432

Second, transparent glasses frames might give you a better view from inside. Some people, depening on their individual eye moving patterns tend to see the glasses frames which often adds annoyance. You will not have this problem with transparent glasses frames.

Prodesign 4751 $307

Third, transparent glasses look stylish. When you are not sure which color to pick for your next glasses, try transparent glasses. You might like yourself in them.

Transparent glasses used to be mostly made for safety. Many people have this embedded idea of a construction worker or a doctor wearing transparent glasses. But this is no longer the correct image for this style. Many fashion brand names are making them in round, square and rectangular shapes. With a bit of luck, you can even find them in cat eye shape.