Prescription Sun Lenses

Price: CAD $ 250.00

Pick among 4 lens types based on lens index (lens thickness)

Prescription for right eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Prescription for left eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Pupillary Distance

Availabilty: Ships with frames


We are proud supplier of prescription sun lenses by best lens manufacturers Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss.

All sun lenses have protective coating for scratches and against color fading.

Do you have your own pair of sunglasses that you want to make into prescription sunglasses? No problem. Just bring them over to our store and we will install new lenses for you.

Replacement sun lenses for sunglasses with no prescription is also available at low price. Please e-mail us or call us to get a quote.

Product SpecificationSpecification

Availability Ships with frames

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