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Buy Ray-Ban RB2140F WAYFARER online or at our Etobicoke-Mississauga optical store in Canada. At Illuminata Eyewear we are committed to deliver best eyeglasses, at best price to your highest satisfaction.

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Additional information about unisex Ray-Ban sunglasses

Frame Specifications
  • Frame material: Plastic
  • Rim type: Full rim

Ray-Ban RB2140F WAYFARER sunglasses Colors and Color Codes

Green Polarized: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 2140N9

Blue Polarized: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 124252

Red Polarized: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 1243P2

Top Red on Orange Havana: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 2175A5

Top Brown on Yellow Havana: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 217651

Top Grey on Havana: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 127771

Black Blue Grey: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 901 64

Black Yellow: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 901 R6

Havana On Transparent Light Brown: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 1292B1

Light Havana On Transparent Yellow: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 12934E

Black On Transparent: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 12943M

Blue On White: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 12993M

Shiny Black Green: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 601 52

Shiny Black Light Grey: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 601 R5

Black On Chevron Grey Burgundy: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 13183A

Blue On Vichy Blue White: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 13193F

Blue On Stripes Orange: Ray-ban RB2140F WAYFARER 132085

Ray-Ban RB2140F WAYFARER sunglasses Sizes (in mm)

Small: 52-22-150

52 mm 22 mm 150 mm

Large: 54-18-150
54 mm 18 mm 150 mm
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Availability Available. Ships within 2 weeks. See shipping fees
Year 2015

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