Single Vision Prescription Lenses

Price: CAD $ 220.00

All lenses come with coatings (anti-glare, scratch-resistant, UV protection and hydrophobic)

Prescription for right eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Prescription for left eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Pupillary Distance. If we have your measurement on file, just put "on-file" or "will measure later".

Availabilty: Ships with frames


Illuminata Eyewear is commited to quality and 100% customer satisfaction. All lenses prices include 4 kinds coatings (anti-glare, stratch-resistant, UV protection and hydrophobic). Additional options are for transitions color and custom-clip on.

We carry world's best lenses brands - Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss. Depending on your prescription Tenny, our optician will decide the best lenses brand and make for you. If you have a preference of the brand name, please e-mail us after the order is placed.


Transitions option is offered to customers who want to use their eyeglasses as sunglasses when outside. Transitions option will darken your lenses when they are exposed to UV. When you are back inside, the lenses will become clear within seconds. Please note, Transitions darkness level depends on UV intensity. When you are inside the car, the lenses will not darken as much as when you are outside on the street.

Custom Sun Cli-On is a great option for customers who want to use their prescription eyeglasses as sunglasses when being outside or when driving in the car. Custom clip-on will match the frame color. Lenses are usually dark grey, however you can also get brown lenses.

Please note, as per Ontario Dispensing Regulations all prescription lenses orders placed within Ontario must be picked up from our store.

Not certain of the frames picked online? No problem. Simply e-mail us that you would like to approve the frame. You have an option to pre-order the frames and lenses and change your mind during your appointment. We have over 500 frames of various brands in our stock. You can pick any other frames from our stock or order different ones. We will cut the lenses at our on-site lab to the frames that you approved same day.

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Availability Ships with frames

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