A Very Sad Day for The Fashion World Today

19 February 2019

It's mind-boggling and hard to believe, but the worlds most admired fashion icon is gone. The world of fashion woke up to the sad news that Karl Lagerfeld, most beloved, fun, creative genius has died at age 85.

In the world of fashion, there are many designers; there is Dior, there is Prada, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and many many more. And above them all stands Karl Lagerfeld. He was so much more than a designer. He was a visionary, fashion workaholic, creative machine and quality control demon. He created the best fashion collection for every fashion week, put up the best show and never stopped making a jaw-dropping collection.

As he was approaching a tender age, he continued working so hard, as hard as always. It felt that he will always be there. When he didn't show for the recent Paris fashion week Chanel collection, I felt very nervous already. His recent look with the thick beard was also creating a nervous feeling in the media. In interviews, he looked very healthy, and with a bit of a weight gain, he looked much younger than 85. By his sudden passing, Karl Lagerfeld reminded us all how precious life is and that no one lasts forever.

People don't last forever, but their creations do. The impact that Karl Lagerfeld made on the development of fashion will last forever. When minimalism was becoming popular and financially profitable for fashion houses, Karl said Nein! He made a point that he will not work under a budget and that quality of fashion lies in detail that can’t be sacrificed or traded for profit. It's in buttons, in pearls, multi-layered trims, and very complex fabrics. His models always looked like a masterpiece, worthy to pause the video and study, everyone. Chanel and Fendi boutiques for me have always been like museums. But even better, where you can see up close, touch, try and even find out the price! Last time I visited the Chanel store was at Hong Kong airport. They had a few pieces from his 2017 Space ship collection, and it was such a joy to look at. I stared at that jacket for 20 minutes and the more I stared, the more details I found. It was entertainment on its own.

With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the entire era of fashion is over. He always said that the future is more important than the past and that future is all he lives for. It’s all about the next collection, the next season and next year. Buried in the history books and over-studied on the fashion past, Karl still believed that the future is bright and it's all that matters. Let's be sad, but in a way how he wanted us to, with the dream of the fun and bright future of fashion that never stops. 

Thank you Karl for the beauty, your quality standard and for showing us what fashion should be all about.