Amazing In-Store Selection of Glasses

17 June 2022

Our store features thousands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, ready to try and buy. Illuminata Eyewear has been around for 30 years, and our dedicated staff works hard to offer you an image consultation and help you find the eyeglasses of your dreams.
Our in-store selection will pleasantly surprise you. It might not seem extensive compared to tens of thousands of frames on our website, but it is enough for everyone to find a few pairs to be excited about.
Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
Let me tell you how we achieve such a good selection. We work with sales representatives of every brand to hand pick glasses for our in-store selection. Every brand representative visits our store a few times a year with an entire line stacked in huge display suitcases. And then, we look at and try every frame before selecting those we like the most to be put on the shelves. We know that looking at the pictures is not always enough. That is why we love to touch and try to be sure we choose the best-looking, trending, and non-redundant glasses for our displays.
Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
We love fashion and are tuned into fashion shows and online magazines to know what is current and what is trending. We also love classic styles and always have hundreds of timeless styles that will last you for a decade.