Genesis - a New Brand for Illuminata Customers

4 October 2023

Genesis Eyeglasses
We are very pleased to announce a new brand at our store - Genesis. Genesis Eyewear, aka ARTwear, is a glasses brand that is inspired by pop art culture. And as you might have guessed, the person behind the inspiration is no other than Jackson Pollock. Genesis ARTglasses are meant to paint your face with a great deal of deep colors - reds, blues and yellows, and often all of these colors at the same time.

Genesis GV1577 Genesis GV1579  Genesis GV1603 
Genesis GV1577  Genesis GV1579 Genesis GV1603
 Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
 Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
 Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587  Genesis GV1595
 Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587 Genesis GV1595

Made in Italy, Genesis eyeglasses are meant to look dramatic, catchy and very artsy. We have many customers who are looking to put on something very fun and very fashionable and Genesis would satisfy the need 100%.

Genesis eyeglasses is a 180 degree turn from conservative style. It is un-conservative by all means and no matter what your style is, these kind of glasses will put all accent on your face. Many studies show that an impression about the person is made in the first 5 seconds of seeing that person. When you wear Genesis eyeglasses, the impression will be of a very positive, open-minded, progressive person with lots of confidence and intelligence.

Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try on new Genesis eyeglasses or buy Genesis eyeglasses online.