Giorgio Armani is Changing Fashion by Not Changing

24 February 2020

Armani @ Twitter

During the Milan Fashion Week this year, Giorgio Armani said that he things women fashion is sexualized more than it needs to be. He also said that he thinks that there shouldn't be trends. An interesting thought indeed and so right on that, it's hard to disagree. Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Roberto Cavalli, and late Karl Lagerfeld all seem to have arrived at this conclusion after decades in the industry.

If you have done something right, and people buy your product because they love it, you can't change it too much. What if the current trends in the opposite of what your customers love. What if the trend is for short skirts, and you are known for long? What if the trend is for minimalism when people love you for details?

Giorgio Armani's new collection at Milan this year is ripping the Internet not only because it is so amazing and so Armani, but also because it was shown to an empty room. Unfortunately, Italy is the new epicenter of the new coronavirus, and any public gatherings are at the risk of organizers. Giorgio Armani couldn't have imagined an outbreak starting from his show and, therefore, decided to play it safe. He asked the tickets to be returned and showed the collection to be video-recorded to show on the Internet. It's a very smart move because even I am sure Giorgio didn't think that way, it forced people to look online, giving him more Internet traffic, more shares, and, thus, more popularity. I wouldn't be surprised if this collection becomes the most shared ever.

In addition to the unusual showing, the collection is as beautiful as ever. The models are flowing in the silk pants and velour jackets. You can tell how comfortable they are wearing it. You can wear Armani all day without taking it off. You can sleep in it, and you can eat it in it, you can run in it and do whatever without even thinking that you are wearing an elegant Armani suit.

The same proves true for the eyeglasses. While we see a huge shift in styles of sunglasses in the past few years towards the avant-garde, trendy and exotic, Armani remains true to his inventions: classic, comfortable, and very high quality!

Armani glasses 8127 Armani AR5090
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 Armani AR7166 Armani AR8060