Gucci's Only Way in Fashion is to Push the Limits

5 March 2020

Gucci @ Twitter

Ever since Tom Ford became a designer of Gucci, high fashion has been the primary avenue for the brand. Many brands, such as Armani, Chanel, and Max Mara, chose to stay conservative to keep afloat and keep selling. Gucci, in the meantime, was experimenting with new forms, new ideas, and pushing it forward. You lived it or hated it, Gucci kept on going. After Tom Ford, Frida Giannini took over the designing reigns and took it to yet another level. She made the brand more refined and feminine, transforming it into a must-have for people with deep pockets who wanted quality, wanted trend, but didn't necessarily want to go over that avant-garde barrier.

When Allessandro Michele became a designer for the brand a few years ago, he gave the brand a new boost. Hippies, freedom, and youth became the main topic for every collection. From a marketing standpoint, this brand direction is paying off very well. Many rich people were young in the 80's and hippy years and related to that period very well. On the other hand, not too many brands do well in this style. They either exaggerate turning into dirty or don't have that understanding of how to convey the feeling to their target market. Allesandro seems to have grasped the idea and used his talent to make it his own, to make it Gucci's.

Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S
Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S

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