Happy Holidays by AI.... Just Kidding

18 December 2023

At Illuminata Eyewear, we wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In our own words, with grammar mistakes and not perfect style of writing, we are sincere in our wishes and wish you the following:

1. Best of Health. The importance of health can't be overestimated.

2. To Never Understand #1. Because only when you have health issues, you understand that nothing is above your health.

3. Family Love. We wish you feel the most of love from your parents, siblings, children and all relatives. Sometimes is the distant relative who feels the closest to you. Holidays unite families and we wish you feel most of love this holiday season.

4. Worry Free Week. Whatever gives you worry small or big, we wish you forget about it for this short time while you are celebrating.

5. That Your Gift Wishes Materialize. If you were upfront with your family members what you want as a gift, you will likely receive it. Otherwise, we wish your wishes were well guessed and you will receive what you mentally asked for.

6. That Your Gift Wish is Eyeglasses. We wish that you want sunglasses or eyeglasses as a gift, so you can visit us to buy it.

7. To Find Happiness in Simple Things. Simple things are easy to get, they will bring your happiness faster.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Illuminata Eyewear.