Prodesign Glasses - Nordic Urban Style

15 March 2023

Illuminata Eyewear
has been selling Prodesign eyeglasses for over 20 years and many of our customers chose this brand repeatedly. The main two reasons - are quality and style. Prodesign brand put customer satisfaction above all. The highest quality material, best workmanship, and innovative construction in combination make Prodesign a synonym with quality.

The choice of over 500 glasses frames offers styles across all genera, trends, and dress levels. Whether it's a classic, an avant-garde, or a sport - Prodesign has it all. The word Urban means are inclusive of all styles.

Prodesign Hexa 1 Prodesign Hexa 2
Prodesign Cut 1 Prodesign Prim 3

This year Prodesign is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Half of the century of eyeglass manufacturing has made Prodesign one of the best-known eyewear companies in the world. At Illuminata, we always have several hundreds of frames on display and the entire collection online. One of the most favorite among our customers is the titanium collection. Hardcore frames with nice color finishing will make everyone ask you a question Where did you buy these glasses?

Prodesign Trail 1 Prodesign Clear 1
Prodesign Prim 2 Prodesign Catch 2

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