Red and Burgundy is New Brown

22 November 2022

As this year is nearing to the end, we can conclude that Red and Burgundy is New Brown. The color that was so difficult to sell, suddenly, became very popular in Canada this year. And it's partly due to fashion brands that started to manufacture more of this color. Almost every ladies plastic glasses would have red or burgundy along with tortoise and black. If customer has been wearing tortoise for many years, or maybe their entire life, it was easy to convice that time has come to change!

Red color works well for everyone, no matter the hair color, skin tone, style or age. It brightens up the face, even removes the need for makeup in many cases. Who needs a make up when you have red glasses on!

Prada VPR 15X Versace VE4432U Versace 3320U
Tom Ford 5812B Etnia Brutal No5 Tory Burch TY2122U

Another great feature of red, that it comes in many shades and can be very toned down if you don't want a bit pop on your face. It can be semi-transparent or in violet tones. Red also became popular as accent color. Even a line or border in red on black or brown, makes glasses look quite awesome. It all partly became possible due to development of new technologies that allow fusing colors more easily. Eyeglasses designers definitely are having fun with it. It must be rewarding to see more people embrace this beautiful color.

Worried about matching it to your clothing? No need at all! Glasses never meant to be matched by clothing or other accessories. What's on the face, is most important. You can have more fun with it by painting your nails red or putting on red lipstick.

With the help of our customers we were able to debunk the myth that red color is not good on flashed faced. Some people didn't even want to try red glasses because their skink often turns red in heat or cold. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Red glasses will deflect from your red skin and in fact make your skin look more pale. Hard to beleive, but try them on to see the result.

At Illuminata Eyewear, we always had a good choice of red glasses. But now, we have even more!