Spring 2021 is About Small Business

8 May 2021

Fashion is moving on in 2021. The world is opening up, and new hopes are rising across the globe. While we in Canada definitely are stuck for a long time, we need to keep our spits up. The pandemic taught us many lessons, one being that the personal happiness and happiness of the family are the most important in hard times. We need to cheer each other and talk about nice things to get our days to go by a bit better.

Small business is on the brink of extinction in Canada. Because Canadian cities are so spread out, stores are far from homes, and offices are concentrated in zones, people here have been early adopters of online shopping. By closing down business without any warning, most small businesses weren't prepared to survive in an online world. This allowed large chains to thrive and small businesses to close. The consumer is further pushed to shop online.

At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that small business is a retainer of culture. You don't expect to have a conversation in a large store with the owner. Over the past year, we often find ourselves having long discussions with our customers. We provide mental support and try to cheer you up. We are keyholders to promoting fashion, which in itself is a mental savior for many people. People often call us from all over the world, UK, Australia, USA, to inquire about glasses and talk about life.

We shop from small businesses as much as possible, which was problematic due to such a lack of websites. At Illuminata Eyewear, we are prepared to serve you online by having a complete service website with vast selections of products. We invite you to shop on our website, call us anytime with inquiries, schedule an appointment for your vision needs. We welcome you to visit our store whenever you can. 

Keep your spirits up! Check out new glasses and sunglasses styles. Discuss new trends with your family and friends. Make a wish list. Have a laugh! And remember, this country will not be fun without small business.