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Latest news

  • Spring Glasses Styles of 2018

    23 Feb 2018

    We are looking ahead to the exciting spring season of 2018 and are stocking up on new 2018 glasses from various designer brands. By looking at the new collections, I can tell that glasses are becoming more exciting. Designers are finally getting a good balance between fashion and wearable. All brands have a very good range of glasses frames to fit many styles and image goals. There is a lot of colors, a lot of shape variety and at the same time a lot of popular black, tortoise and nude colors. 

    Roberto Cavalli RC5053 Follonica

    Roberto Cavalli RC5053 Follonica
    Prada VPR 53U

    Prada VPR 53U
    Prada VPR 05U

    Prada VPR 05U
    Fendi FF 0276

    Fendi FF 0276

    The meaning of avant-garde is blending in with mainstream styles where designers are promoting the idea of fashion to become a daily element of everyone's lives, not just celebrity or person of art. Brand name designers want everyone to experiment with their look more courageously and glasses is a great tool for that.

    Fendi FF 0262

    Fendi FF 0262
    Fendi FF 0246

    Fendi FF 0246
    Dolce and Gabbana DG3265B

    Dolce and Gabbana DG3265B
    Dolce and Gabbana DG5020

    Dolce and Gabbana DG5020

    Clear or transparent is becoming increasingly popular. With transparent frames, you can match any outfit and not worry about the color. More transparent frames are made elegant and dressy due to detail, glitter or rhinestone accent. 

    Just Cavalli JC0809

    Just Cavalli JC0809
    Prada VPR 03N

    Prada VPR 03N
    Tom Ford TF5479 B

    Tom Ford TF5479 B
    Versace VE3251B

    Versace VE3251B

  • Ideas for Lady Gifts for St Valentine's Day

    24 Jan 2018

    Every year it's a mind puzzler what to gift for St. Valentines. The longer you are together with your partner, the harder those holidays and special events are. Men often wish woman just goes and buys herself what she wants. But most ladies prefer to get a gift, and a nice gift, something that she wants. So go figure it out. We hope these few tips will help you out.

    1. Accessories are better than clothing. Jewelry, purses, and sunglasses are always better than clothing. Clothing is getting harder to buy as a gift because many brands lack quality and style is way too diverse. Not to mention that getting a right fit is very hard. You will never have a problem with a fit for jewelry, handbags and the majority of sunglasses. It is a general misconception that sunglasses need to fit facial shape. It's not the case anymore because sunglasses are made as fashion objects, not a vision eye care. So the shape and size are lesser of a concern when gifting sunglasses.

    2. Brand name matters. We live in a very commercial world. The brand name is very important when making a gift. The higher level the brand, the more valuable the gift becomes. Many fashion companies recognize that brand name sells, and have diversified in different collections or even sub-brands to offer the product in the different price range. For example, Armani has five brands: Giorgio Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni are most expensive. Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, ArmaniExchange are less expensive than Giorgio and Emporio. 
    Same story for Roberto Cavalli - Just CavalliMarc Jacobs - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada - Prada Sport, etc. So getting a nice brand name does not mean spending ridiculous money. 

    3. Sunglasses is a very good gift. All sunglasses in Illuminata Eyewear are by known brands and are good quality. We carry expensive luxury brands and more affordable luxury brands to offer customers not only a pricing range but also style choices. Very often a customer will choose less expensive sunglasses not because of price, but because of style. Utility feature of sunglasses makes them a very good gift. Your lady will wear them on her face, will look fabulous and love you more each time she wears them.

    4. Packaging is important. It is part of presentation and gifting experience. Adults are like children. We all love unpacking, unboxing and enjoying the intriguing moment of getting a gift. Many brands that we carry at Illuminata Eyewear provide not only glasses case but also a hard box and a signature shopping bag. Tiffany, Prada and Roberto Cavalli have the most elaborate packaging for gifts.

    5. Trust your instinct or trust professional fashion advisors. At Illuminata, we care a lot about style and can pretty much guarantee to help you choose the best possible gift. We know our stuff! But you will never go wrong with simply trusting your gut. If you follow these simple rules, your gift will be most memorable.

  • Are Sunglasses A Good Christmas Gift?

    16 Dec 2017

    Do sunglasses make a good Christmas gift is a question that we hear every year? As owners of the optical store, we can tell you with the assurance that sunglasses make a very good Christmas gift. But you need to use some common sense judgment to make them a very good Christmas gift. 

    Why are sunglasses good Christmas Gift? 

    Yes, they are, mainly because they are very useful, even in the winter. Just like purses or perfumes, one can't have too many of sunglasses. Style changes way faster than you normally shop for sunglasses and getting an up-to-date, a stylish pair for a Christmas gift will give your loved a great joy.

    Sunglasses gift will give your loved one a completely new impression about you. You will appear as a caring person. Sunglasses are not an only fashion accessory, but they are also a health item. You need sunglasses to see comfortably on sunny days and to protect your eyes from the UV rays. 

    Sunglasses will be the most talked about and showed off the gift of all. No matter how fashionable, classic or simple sunglasses will be, your loved one will put them on and gladly show off to other people "Look what I got!" . This is just what people do when they get sunglasses as a gift. They put it on and show to other people. Sunglasses go on the face, they are easy to show off unline shoes, pijamas or other things.

    How to Choose Sunglasses for a Chrismas Gift?

    If a few years ago we would go into all the spiel about the fit, the style, and the brand, this year we would simply say, get whatever you like. Sunglasses styles evolved dramatically over the past two years. They became more couture, more daring and whether they fit your facial shape, it's no longer a factor. Sunglasses are not prescription glasses. They cover your face and suppose to be large to protect your eyes well. So shape is a secondary factor these days. High-end brands that we carry at Illuminata Eyewear employ best designers in the world. Not only fashion designers but also industrial designers who calculate how sunglasses will fit and feel on all kinds of nose shapes and face sizes.

    A little tip will help you. If you like very large sunglasses, then get either Asian fit plastic sunglasses or metal frames. They will fit easier and will be easier to adjust to fit perfectly.

    Other than, just get what you like. Worst comes to worst you can exchange your purchase together and turn it into a special event.

  • Fall Glasses Collection by Prada is Now Selling at Illuminata

    23 Nov 2017

    Prada glasses Fall 2017 have arrived at our store and we are so glad to share them with you. This season Prada decided to play safe and make more classic models of glasses with just a few fashion twists. We observe many larger, bolder frames that generally look good on many young people. Prada however brought back a few models that are shallower in depth to accomodate customers who are still looking for more conservative look. 

    Prada clothing and shoes are following same trend of taking the ideas from the past and incorporating them into the modern fashion. Sneakers with fur balls and on thick sole has now became a shoe of the year. Pencil shaped coats and burgundy colors have been part of print advertising in fashion magazines. Unisex, sporty and comfortable styles remain as main elements of Prada identity.

    Prada SPR 10T, $1181

    Prada VPR 13T, $325

    We see many round sunglasses and glasses. Round have not made it to North America yet, but in fashionable Asia 90% of young people are wearing round glasses. It is just becoming a modern fashion right now and even pass fashion stage. Round glasses are mainstream. Prada round glasses are not same from 60s, not at all. Modern Prada glasses look much cooler and more beautiful due to modified bridge shape, creative temple designs and that shiny acetate material that just didn't exsist back in the days.

    Prada VPR 09T, $391

    Prada has everything. Out of 150 glasses models there is something for everyone! Drop in to try and get them just on time before Christmas!
  • Into The Fall With Burberry

    28 Oct 2017
    Burberry coatsFall is truly a main season for Burberry. Burberry is mostly famous for their trench coat with beige pattern on the inner collar. Trench coat material, gabardine, was actually invented by Thomas Burberry. Gabardine is water proof and wind proof while being lightweight and easy to care. Initial gabardine was much heavier than now, but believe it or not, 100 year old Burberry coat still looks good today.

    Burberry glasses are very popular among Illuminata clients. Burberry glasses have their own style. They are mostly rectangular with classic shape that fits all genders and age groups. Many of Burberry glasses frames are unisex. Burberry pattern often dresses the temples in rather humble way. Burberry glasses have the understated look for people who prefer quality and timeless look.

    Burberry BE2230F

    Burberry BE2230F $274.68

    Burberry glasses collection is large, over 100 pieces, average 3 colors each and even some are made in two sizes. Everyone can find a pair to their liking. Burberry is a fashion brand and every season there are a few glasses models that are truly fashion with splashy shapes and details. But in general, Burberry keeps the neutrality in style, which was their primary direction for the past 100 years.

    BE2199 Burberry

    Burberry BE2199 $290

    Fall is fun season in Canada and we were blessed this year with an amazing weather. We are just stating to put on the scarves and gloves and those trench coats. More and more people opt for Burberry look this year with pretty much every brand offering their version of it. Beige, buttoned down, just slightly below the knee, understated coat with classic silhouette. Everyone looks good in it. Pair it with Burberry glasses to get that complete chic look!

    Burberry BE4226F

    Burberry BE4226F, $299
  • Transparent Glasses Offer a New Vision Perspective

    20 Oct 2017
    Among endless glasses shapes, colors and styles a new trend has emerged - transparent glasses. Transparent, or clear glasses frames have been around for many years, but only recently the trend started to take volume. Many brands are offering prescription and sunglasses frames in clear color and more people are starting to love them.

    Dolce & Gabbana DG5025 $319

    We see many advantages in clear glasses. First, they look light and quite disappearing on the face. Whoever used to be a fan of rimless glasses, might want to consider plastic transparent frames. Similar to rimless, acetate transparent frames blend in the frace and with proper anti-glare coated lenses they will disappar on your face visually.

    Tom Ford FT5353 $432

    Second, transparent glasses frames might give you a better view from inside. Some people, depening on their individual eye moving patterns tend to see the glasses frames which often adds annoyance. You will not have this problem with transparent glasses frames.

    Prodesign 4751 $307

    Third, transparent glasses look stylish. When you are not sure which color to pick for your next glasses, try transparent glasses. You might like yourself in them.

    Transparent glasses used to be mostly made for safety. Many people have this embedded idea of a construction worker or a doctor wearing transparent glasses. But this is no longer the correct image for this style. Many fashion brand names are making them in round, square and rectangular shapes. With a bit of luck, you can even find them in cat eye shape.

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