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Latest news

  • Gucci Eyeglasses on the Edge Between Classic and Futuristic

    9 Nov 2019

    Over the 30 years in business, we have the privilege to observe the evolution of eyewear fashion. Gucci has always been one of our largest brands. Italian brand Gucci needs no introduction. It was founded almost 100 ago by Guccio Gucci as a luggage company and very quickly grew to Italian's #1 shoes and accessory brand and lager apparel brand. Luxury was always the main market for Gucci. Guccio Gucci became fascinated with the luxury world when he worked as an elevator operator for London's most expensive hotel Savoy. Upon returning to Italy, he started his leather craft shop, where he single-handedly crafted leather luggage himself. Later his three sons joined the company grew to a world brand. Most of the growth success is behind visionary Aldo, the oldest son. He traveled the world to open Gucci stores one by one and personally hired and trained staff in the first dozen stores. His sons and daughter Patricia took over the reins of the company after Aldo died. Patricia inherited all the wealth, even though she was born to Aldo's mistress when he was in his 50s. She, however, was the one beside him traveling the world and infusing her young energy and fashion interests in his final years. Being a woman, Patricia understood the needs of customers and was an essential force for the brand as a third-generation family owner.

    Gucci style is iconic by the use of GG pattern and Bamboo accents. Being one of the most luxury brands in the world, the style remains classic. When people spend several thousands of dollars on a purse, it needs to be wearable and complimenting other things a person is wearing. So with Gucci products, you can be sure they will last generations.

    Gucci sunglasses these days are on edge between classic and futuristic. The cool factor comes from oversized, thick sunglasses and semi-transparent lenses in many models. 

  • You Will Dazzle in Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

    4 Sep 2019
    Jimmy Choo eyeglasses are special and unique. The whole direction of the brand is to produce niche designer eyewear that will stand out and make everyone ask where did you get that or what is this brand. In Jimmy Choo eyeglasses, you are guaranteed compliments. Most people will say they are cool even if they don't even like it. That is the statement, and that is what the goal is.

    Jimmy Choo is a renowned British, Malaysian born designer. He came from a dynasty of shoemakers and immigrated to London to study at fashion school. He decided to not to return home after graduating but instead work his way up in British fashion business. His family followed him to open up Jimmy Choo brand. An important person for their business, who is left behind the scenes, is Tamara Mellon. Tamara Mellon was worked for Vogue accessories department and was a shoeholic. She partnered with Jimmy to create this business. An unlikely and highly productive partnership worked out amazingly. It's a true success story and an inspiration for so many people. Jimmy is an immigrant from Malasia, just a son of shoemakers. His partner is a woman who came from the publishing business, not a wealthy person at all. Using the fusion of their talents and insane business drive they created a world-known brand in just under five years.

    Their shoes were famously featured in Sex and the City series and got a Vogue magazine coverage in early days, which provided for that crucial media attention.

    But where do sunglasses come in? Going back to our recent article, glasses, shoes, and purses are part of what's called fashion accessories. They are crafty, practical addition to your fashion look.

    Jimmy Choo sunglasses are only on the market for a few years, but they have already become a very sought after brand at optical stores. We heard of them from our customers first!

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear store to get your new favorite glasses.
  • Everyone's Got Their Style

    28 Aug 2019

    A North American consumer faces a new challenge today - a huge choice of fashion products. Shoes, purses, dresses, suits, eyeglasses in different styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes - it's all presented at the same time. People often come to our store with the question "What is in fashion now." To this question, I usually answer, "There is a new style that is trending, but everything still goes." Brands don't seem to discontinue older styles. They add more.

    It's a snowball effect. Brands simply can't sell fast enough, but everyone is asking for new. They are inventing, reinventing, bringing out old designs. At the end of the day, people still have one set of arms, legs, and eyes. It's impossible to invent new every season. In my observation, different brands started to concentrate on building their own style instead. Versace is sexy and loud. Dolce & Gabbana is ornamental and floral. Armani is simple and reserved. Hugo Boss is high tech. Bvlgari is rich. Prada is a sport. Tory Burch is boho. 

    You also have a style. Over the years, you start having a preference that works for your taste and lifestyle. In North America, a classy sport style is predominant due to people's preference for comfortable living. In Europe, the dress code is still a thing for many offices and outings. People wear more dresses, more suit, and high heels. North American customers also on occasion, love to dress up. In Asia, I find it depends on the region and income level. It's either very basic or Versace-flashy and loud. Europe still has a tremendous influence on Asian fashion.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we love matching eyeglasses to your style. When you walk in, we can tell which style is yours and which style you can deviate to. If you generally sporty we will offer eyeglasses that will also work for casual-elegant wear. If you fancy and elegant, we will offer high fashion to push your style to a new level. Whatever it is, we got it all. Fashion is fun, and we embrace it with humor but also some seriousness to find that one perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

  • Just Cool Designer Glasses

    25 Jul 2019

    Source: Twitter @Versace
    Eyeglasses have gone a long way since their inception and since they became part of fashion some 80 years ago. Fashion per definition is "a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior". But in real life, fashionable things often are introduced by designers before they become popular. Popularity is achieved via creative and aggressive marketing. And as of lately, with the help of social media and peer sharing. Since social media became part of our everyday life, fashion has been moving with unprecedented speed, often changing in the course of 12-24 months. For example, retro-round eyeglasses were introduced by designers around five years ago, and just a year later they became mainstream. Ultra-large, heavy plastic square glasses had two year popularity life. Most recent huge rimless and triangular glasses are entering as we speak and may reach their height already next year.

    We at Illuminata Eyewear closely watch trends and embrace them with our entire DNA. Trends are in our blood, and advocating them is part of our procession. However, we love to stay on the thin line between purely trendy and reasonably nice. Trends often and lately even more so, are created to make a statement and attract clicks/shares. If it's ugly, it will often achieve social media shares, but no way will become popular among customers. We understand such marketing dynamics and choose glasses for our stock wisely. 

    Here are the top picks of cool and very cool for this summer:

    William Morris BLGRA
    William Morris BLGRA
    William Morris 40004
    William Morris BL40004
      Marc Jacobs MARC 314
    Marc Jacobs MARC 314
    Roberto Cavalli 5062 LONDA
    Roberto Cavalli 5062 LONDA
    Etnia Belleville
    Etnia Belleville
  • Sunglasses and Purses

    2 Jul 2019
    [email protected]
    Sunglasses serve not only as vision aids but also as a fashion accessory. Historically, purses served as main fashion accessories, but with the invention of sunglasses, the cute vision aids have quickly become must-have items for every woman and men. All fashion brands take sunglasses design seriously and try to incorporate them into the current fashion look. Sunglasses are important because unlike shoes or even purses, they attract the most attention. Maybe because of that, Tom Ford paid special attention to sunglasses when he launched his brand. Sunglasses are the best selling Tom Ford item from the entire collection.

    2019 is a special year because sunglasses have the most extraordinary design ever. The complex geometrical shape and multi-layered lenses color make them not only the object or art but also the object of very complicated scientifically powered manufacturing.

    Also to best selling aviators, plastic rectangular sunglasses and retro round sunglasses, this year we see the triangular shape.

    Mirror lens continues to be popular, especially in advertising. It looks modern and futuristic. Mirror lens also looks dressy. Personally me, I am a big fan of mirror lens. It needs a bit more maintenance with cleaning, but it looks very beautiful and is very much worth the extra effort. If your mirror lens gets scratched, many brands sell glasses replacement lenses. Among them is Prada, Versace, Armani, Tiffany, Bvlgari and a few more. For a reasonable price, you can upgrade your sunglasses to make them look like new, or even completely different by choosing a different color.

    [email protected]

    Hats play well with sunglasses too. It's great to see a revival of hats in modern fashion. For over a decade, hats were used less often by designers until recently. Sun protection became more of a subject, and women and men alike are looking for fashionable ways to cover the skin from harmful UV rays. Hats and sunglasses in a way, play a similar purpose. They go hand in hand!

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear with your favorite accessories to pair them with fashionable sunglasses.

  • Ultra-light Sun Lenses is a New Trend

    6 Jun 2019

    2019 is a very exciting year for sunglasses fashion: so many new trends and styles from the world leading designer brands. We continue seeing a growing number of brands putting the sunglasses on the models during the fashion week shows. And more advertising of clothing now includes sunglasses. This advertising strategy makes sunglasses a connected accessory to the overall image or looks that the designer was trying to achieve. 

    A new and exciting trend is a light lens. We have some at our store, and they look fabulous. Firstly, the light lens looks very mysterious, romantic, and chic. Secondly, it is very comfortable as you are not always under the brightest sun. When living in the city, you find yourself mostly in the shade, between the building, under the trees or the clouds. 

      Dior Stellaire1
      Dior Stellaire 1

    The lightly tinted lens is what a city person needs. When you wear such sunglasses, you don't feel like taking them off at all. When you get into the building, into your car, your lightly tinted sunglasses don't appear too dark.

    The key with lightly tinted sunglasses is the size. The larger they are, the more comfortable they are. Since people can still see through your eyes, you don't need to be concerned as coming through too shielded. They will become part of your face!

    Many brands are making a collection of lightly tinted sunglasses. Among our favorites are Dior, Prada, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Carrera and many more.