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Latest news

  • Illuminata Eyewear Has All Sizes!

    25 Apr 2019

    We know the pain of people who just want small glasses. The modern shapes are gone wild, huge and for some unpractical. If you happen to have small face or strong prescription huge glasses will not be a good idea. You can still get them, but lenses might come out distorted, thick and heavy. We have customers who simply don't care, fashion and trend is above all.

    But for many staying concervative and practical is above fashion and trend. It is however, becoming a little challenge lately. No worries, at Illuminata Eywear we've got your covered. We carry a few brands that specialize on smaller sizes such as well known Canadian brands KliiK and Bertelli.

    KliiK 636
    KliiK 636 KliiK 629

    A huge variety of glasses in any color and shape is offered by KliiK and Bertelli. Up-to date, concervative and even fashionable - all in your size and all suitable for strong prescriptions.
    Bertelli 880 Bertelli B-849
    Bertelli B-880 Bertelli B-849

    At our store we always have over 100 of Kliik, Bertelli and Izumi and many other glasses in smaller size. We also have smaller frames for men by well known French brand Lightec. Lightec has many sizes, small is not their specialty, but we chose a few that are size 50 and under for customer who would like them. Black, brown and navy are often men's favorite colors. Clear is also becoming a trend and looks excellent with thicker lenses.

    Walk in to try, buy online or order online and pick up from the store.
  • Prada is Feeling Military Style for 2019

    26 Feb 2019

    is one of the most innovative brands in the fashion industry. Every collection is a work of art, and often it's also a political message. Fashion is a very expressive form of art that gives it's creators an opportunity to show their ideas and express their state of mind — customers who wear their clothing automatically become ambassadors of this message.

    Prada presented their Autumn-Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection in Milan last week. The collection is beautiful, full of sleek silhouettes, amazing! Shoes and sunglasses. Mud green, terracotta and black were dominant colors of the collection set up the mood for the military. We can draw our analysis that Paris has undergone a major strike of Yellow Vests early this year and the mood has been set for the fashion collection for the future season. Heavy boots, rainproof jackets, and shielding hats accompanied gloomy looking models that confidently stroke the runway.

    Prada sunglasses once again dictate the new trend of oversized and semi-transparent. Sunglasses are becoming not just a sun blocking devices, but also shields for the bigger part of the face. Whatever the goal is, Prada sunglasses look cool! This style is especially relevant for Canadian winter known for heavy winds and cloudy skies. You need, need new Prada shields!

    Visit our store to try the best Prada sunglasses of 2019 season!

  • Last Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi Collection is Loaded with Sunglasses

    21 Feb 2019

    Karl Lagerfeld's final Fendi collection
    was presented today in Milan. Ready-to-wear Autumn-Winter 2019 collection opened up with a huge banner with Karl's handwriting Love KL, and a handwritten caligraphic F (for Fendi logo) was engraved into the catwalk carpet. The mood was somber, but everyone tried to maintain their composure and turn the show off more of a celebration of his life and career. Silvia Venturini Fendi came out for a bow for the first time by herself. 

    The collection is stunning as expected. Each model's outfit was multi-layered with several types of fabric from sheer, to solid cotton to leather. Perhaps, as a final farewell, Karl omitted natural fur which even prompted PETA to issue a condolence statement to his family. Karl Lagerfeld loved to layer his outfits, but as a true professional he always made them look cohesive and not overloaded. The color tone and color combination is key. This time yellows, beiges, and greens dominated the black and white. 

    And this time, to our pleasure, sunglasses were worn by some dozen models. As the '60s and 70's style continues to resonate with current fashion trends, sunglasses are oversized with the semi-transparent lens. Modern sunglasses by Fendi, however, unlike those worn by your grandma, have a solid colored lens with a bit of translucent glow. 2019 Fendi sunglasses look modern and very fashionable.

    Karl wanted everyone to embrace fashion as a living art form that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Fashion is the most practical and most used art form. There are no boundaries and there is always room for a good taste.

    Farewell Karl!

  • A Very Sad Day for The Fashion World Today

    19 Feb 2019

    It's mind-boggling and hard to believe, but the worlds most admired fashion icon is gone. The world of fashion woke up to the sad news that Karl Lagerfeld, most beloved, fun, creative genius has died at age 85.

    In the world of fashion, there are many designers; there is Dior, there is Prada, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and many many more. And above them all stands Karl Lagerfeld. He was so much more than a designer. He was a visionary, fashion workaholic, creative machine and quality control demon. He created the best fashion collection for every fashion week, put up the best show and never stopped making a jaw-dropping collection.

    As he was approaching a tender age, he continued working so hard, as hard as always. It felt that he will always be there. When he didn't show for the recent Paris fashion week Chanel collection, I felt very nervous already. His recent look with the thick beard was also creating a nervous feeling in the media. In interviews, he looked very healthy, and with a bit of a weight gain, he looked much younger than 85. By his sudden passing, Karl Lagerfeld reminded us all how precious life is and that no one lasts forever.

    People don't last forever, but their creations do. The impact that Karl Lagerfeld made on the development of fashion will last forever. When minimalism was becoming popular and financially profitable for fashion houses, Karl said Nein! He made a point that he will not work under a budget and that quality of fashion lies in detail that can’t be sacrificed or traded for profit. It's in buttons, in pearls, multi-layered trims, and very complex fabrics. His models always looked like a masterpiece, worthy to pause the video and study, everyone. Chanel and Fendi boutiques for me have always been like museums. But even better, where you can see up close, touch, try and even find out the price! Last time I visited the Chanel store was at Hong Kong airport. They had a few pieces from his 2017 Space ship collection, and it was such a joy to look at. I stared at that jacket for 20 minutes and the more I stared, the more details I found. It was entertainment on its own.

    With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the entire era of fashion is over. He always said that the future is more important than the past and that future is all he lives for. It’s all about the next collection, the next season and next year. Buried in the history books and over-studied on the fashion past, Karl still believed that the future is bright and it's all that matters. Let's be sad, but in a way how he wanted us to, with the dream of the fun and bright future of fashion that never stops. 

    Thank you Karl for the beauty, your quality standard and for showing us what fashion should be all about.

  • Glasses Gifts for St. Valentines 2019

    7 Feb 2019

    February is a great month. In Canada, we celebrate Family Day on February 18, which is a public holiday devoted to spending time with your family. We also celebrate St. Valentines day, which is just as amazing!

    Over the years it grew so big. Kids are writing cards to their friends all week, also making little gifts to their parents. So cute! But as an adult, you are also expected to come up with some nice gift for your loved one. After the Christmas holidays, all the gift ideas are exhausted, and it's a bit more challenging usually. No worries, sunglasses will get you covered.

    Sunglasses make an excellent St. Valentines gift. They are a gift of fashion and style, making them always special. Some people have lots of sunglasses, which means they like collecting them. If your loved one only has one or few pairs, getting a new pair would be an awesome St. Valentines gift. 

    Sunglasses also make a practical gift. They protect eyes from harmful UV rays and shiny sun. They are comfortable, protective and beautiful. Also, brand name sunglasses that we carry at Illuminata Eyewear always come in nice packaging, a case, often a hard box making the unboxing processing so fun.

    Here are our three picks for her and him. Come and visit our store for many more.

    For Her

    Dior Spirit 1 Prada SPR 04U Tom Ford TF575 Anna
    Dior Spirit 1 Prada SPR 04U Tom Ford 575 Anna

    For Him

    Versace 2189 Carrera 166S Giorgio Armani AR8107
    Versace 2189 Carrera 166S Giorgio Armani AR8107
  • Glasses from Paris Fashion Week 2019

    25 Jan 2019

    Balmain, Paris Fashion Week 2019 Photo credit Filipo Fior

    Accessories are becoming a major element of runway shows. Until recently it was mostly about purses and shoes, sometimes about glasses. But this year sunglasses have become an important element of all frontal collections.

    Ellie Saab Paris Fashion Week 2019 /Photo credit Alessandro Lucioni

    This week is about haute couture which means the creativity of fashion designers are at the peak. Paris Fashion Week, usually held at the end of January, sets the tone for design direction of the brand for the entire year. Our analysis shows that sunglasses are splitting between very large and huge to very small. Since everyone already has the medium size, then the other two should follow. Note, when I say huge, I mean gigantic, enormous and half of your face kind of size.

    Vogue magazine picked top ten collections that are believed to be the biggest trendsetters for the year. Among famous Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga some less known to general public Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, and Dries Van Noten.

    Maison Margiela hired John Galliano who debuted his first collection at the Paris Fashion Week. John Galliano is world known designer who worked for Dior for almost 20 years and then was famously fired for racist and anti-Semitic remarks. Having had a second chance at Oscar de la Renta in New York, Galliano once again became a point of controversy for dressing as an orthodox Jewish man. Media misinterpreted his move that was meant to show respect for the offended group and sent him to another media scandal. Maison Margiela is now owned by Diesel corporation.

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