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  • Burberry Heritage Carried Through Sunglasses

    26 Aug 2018

    Burberry is one of the oldest and most historical British brand names. It dates back to 1856, times when fashion was starting to emerge as a phenomenon. Thomas Burberry was a visionary and entrepreneur who invented gabardine, a trench coat waterproof material to make his coats more practical. Little he knew that his invention would change the course of the fashion industry and make him one of the richest men in England.

    Burberry BE4271F Burberry BE4265
    Burberry BE4271F
    Burberry BE4265

    Today everyone in Canada heard of Burberry. At Illuminata Eyewear we have been selling Burberry glasses and sunglasses for many years and have developed a group of Burberry loyal customers who will always try Burberry glasses when shopping for their next pair. You can't go wrong when buying Burberry sunglasses for yourself or a gift. The beauty of the brand that it hasn't been changing their styles too much in the past 100 years. The trench coat is still the same, and despite traditionalism, it is one of the best selling items for the brand today. The Burberry brown-beige checkerboard pattern is another reason brand is famous for. Sunglasses combine these two elements. They are mostly classic in design and often have favorite Burberry pattern printed on temples of frames.

    Best selling Burberry sunglasses are aviators. With Burberry touch, they look more fashion and less sporty if to compare them to other brands. Interestingly, the shape and the color is the same as the others. It's the image of the brand that makes their aviators stand out. That tiny little pattern or perhaps, just the general feeling is what will make you feel so special.

    Burberry BE3092Q Burberry BE3098
    Burberry BE3092Q
    Burberry BE3098

    A favorite shopping factor for Burberry sunglasses is that they are very reasonably priced. For $250 you can land with a pair of Burberry sunglasses and fall in love with them forever. Unisex design of many models gives you another reason to feel confident in Burberry purchase. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try the newest styles of Burberry sunglasses. We have many best selling models in stock and can ship the same day if your order online. We offer lifetime service that includes adjustments, cleaning, and repairs.

  • Dior Stellaire Glasses a Hit of 2018

    21 Jun 2018

    Spring-Summer of 2018 is underway, and we observe this year trends dynamic by helping our customer to choose their next glasses. In our observation, people are getting more open-minded to try unconventional styles and enjoy themselves through funky designer frames. 

    Highly advertised Dior Stellaire is becoming a hit of 2018 summer trends. First released for Fall-Winter 2017 season, Dior Stellaire is just making it to the mainstream six months later. We received the first pair from Dior about six months ago.

    Dior Stellaire 4 Dior Stellaire 3 Dior Stellaire 2
    Dior Stellaire 04 Dior Stellaire 03 Dior Stellaire 02

    Enlarged square glasses are made of a lightweight wire metal. Once put on, they transform the face making you look fashionable and futuristic. Maria Grazia Chiuri designed these glasses for one of her first collections at Dior. She wanted to use Dior heritage and 50's fashion trends as an inspiration. She also wanted to make sure her collection is only inspired by older styles because as she said life today is very different from 50's. It's great that she understands that.

    Dior Stellaire 4 sun Dior Stellaire 3 sun Dior Stellaire 1 Sun
    Dior Stellaire 4 Sun Dior Stellaire 3 Sun Dior Stellaire 1 Sun

    People who appreciate fashion want to make a statement with what they wear. People often want to stay within their comfort zone, and the more photos and videos are made of people wearing ultra fashion, the wider the mainstream comfort zone becomes. Dior tries to remain conservative by using dark and beige colors, at the same time pushing the limit with the silhouettes and shapes. Entire Dior Stallaire glasses collection falls within the mood of Dior fashion in this season.

  • Tom Ford Is The Master of Elegance

    30 Nov -0001

    Twitter @TomFord

    Tom Ford products are in constantly growing demand across the world. Over the 15 years of brand existence, Tom Ford developed a signature style that works for the lifestyle of most of fashion aware men and women who want to look elegant, relevant and not too flashy. While Versace, Dior, and Prada are concentrating on making the mark with color and wild designs, Tom Ford keeps his signature style unchanged. He is a businessman above all and knows that fashion comes and goes, but style remains. Much like Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford emphasizes style vs. fashion. He spends hours drawing, tailoring and redoing that simple looking suit to make sure it sits perfectly and makes the wearer feel amazing. 

    Twitter @ TomFord

    Tom Ford sunglasses brand is one of the best selling in North America. When our customers try it at our store, they often admit that Tom Ford glasses feel good. The good feel is achieved by picking best acetate materials, creating most balanced molds and hand polishing the glasses to perfection. There is no corner cutting when it comes to making Tom Ford glasses. Glasses and sunglasses brought Tom Ford fame when he was starting. He worked hard getting his best friends Julianne Moore, and Colin Firth wears his glasses everywhere. Tom Ford is a micro-manager and likes to be in full control of production line. He visits factories, hand picks all the fabric himself and approves every pair of glasses that go into production. Then double checks the result and send it back for a redo if necessary before selling it to customers. He even shoots most of photo advertisements by himself.

    Illuminata Eyewear has a long history with Tom Ford. We were among first stores in Canada to carry Tom Ford at our Etobicoke location. We sold his very first collection of sunglasses. Some of the best selling models Tom Ford TF8 Jennifer is still offered for sale in 2018 collection. We witnessed how Tom Ford sunglasses evolved into more fashionable direction and came back to classic. We sold every single model from James Bond movies. 

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses to experience Tom Ford style.

  • Sunglasses for Father's Day. In stock. Come and Get.

    14 Jun 2018

    Father's day is coming up this weekend. Don't put it to last second. If you are planning on making him a gift, you have two days left. But we at Illuminata Eyewear make it easy for you. We have many amazing sunglasses in stock to fit any style or size. Here are our top picks for this week:

    Something classy:

      Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119
      Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119

    Something fancy:

      Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L
      Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L

    Something fashionable:

      Armani AE4092 Carrera 8010 
      Armani EA4092  Carrera 8010

    Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2163
    Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2173

    Peada SPR 51O Tom Ford Holt
    Prada SPR 51O Tom Ford TF516 Holt
  • Sunglasses Is The Best Father's Day Gift

    1 Jun 2018
    Cool Dad in Sunglasses
    Source: Twitter/carreraworld

    It is always a shopping challenge to get the perfect gift for your beloved father and husband for the Father's Day. He's got shirts, shoes, belts, keychains. If you ask him what he wants for Father's Day, he would say Whatever you decide honey! Or Suprise me! Ok, been there, got that. Men generally don't like to be as specific as women with what they want for gifts. But trust me, they love gifts just as much as women. Sunglasses are the perfect Father's Day gift and here is why.

    It's June! Especially this year when summer just crawled in two weeks ago everyone is going insane to stay outside as much as possible. Backyard, bike, cottage, the season is here. Sunglasses will make your loved one look beautiful, stylish and UV protected.

    Sunglasses are a practical gift. Men love practical gifts that have a function. They also love aesthetic gifts, and not many can satisfy the two criteria. Sunglasses are practical. Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses due to the very long lasting sun and strong UV rays. 

    None canceled good style. At Illuminata Eyewear we have a huge selection of sunglasses that will work for everyone regarding style. As Giorgio Armani once said, a person should not worry about looking fashionable as long as the person has a style! Sunglasses add a big amount of style. Every celebrity or model always wears sunglasses. Remove those and something is missing. So sunglasses are the ultimate style accessory. It adds more style than your expensive watch, shoes or suit.

    Sunglasses can never be too many. In fact, most men have only one pair of sunglasses. If you are talking style, most of the sunglasses that are five years or older look dated as per today. Eyewear designers practically revolutionalized the fashion of eyeglasses in the past five years, introduced many designs that now are mainstream. Your men will appreciate having a new pair of sunglasses.

    No worries about fit. It's a myth and misconception that sunglasses need to match someone's face shape. It used to be may be 10 years ago. But in the last few years designers worked very hard on making sunglasses work for everyone's face and fit as many people as possible. If you are not sure, you can always show us a photo of your man and we will find many sunglasses that will fit.

    Enough said. Hurry up! It's only two weeks left until Father's Day which is Sunday, June 17 this year. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to find a perfect gift of sunglasses for your beloved man.
  • MOSCHINO Glasses Now Selling At Illuminata Eyewear

    15 May 2018


    We are pleased to announce a new brand MOSCHINO to join our glasses collection. Moschino glasses and sunglasses is nothing you have ever seen before. Colorful, wild and excentric Moschino products carry the idea that fashion should be entertainment. 
    The brand founder Franco Moschino was an artist and illustrator before creating his fashion label. He worked with Gianni Versace during his formative career years, and the influence between the two designers is still felt in every collection. Versace taught Moschino fashion business, and Moschino taught Versace fashion politics. 

    Moschino MOS512

    Moschino MOS510

    Franco Moschino was known as the eccentric designer who made thematic fashion shows and created a theatrical experience for the spectators and models. He believed that fashion is a means of self-expression and often used big letter writings on the tops and dresses. He was among the first designers to oppose the use of animal fur and chemical dyes. He used his fashion collections to express his opinion on environmental issues, racism, and violence.

    Moschino MOS006 S

    Moschino MOS004 S

    Most notable Moschino eyeglasses in 2018 collection are beaming with bright red and white color. The golden studs are adding flavor to the stunning glasses designs. Of course, classic styles in black and Havana colors are available for practically every model.
    30 years ago when Moschino started his label, his eccentric couture style was deemed too wild for the general public. Fashion icons Madonna and Kylie Minogue hired Moschino designers for their tour costumes. But today when fashion is starting to be seen as a voice and means self-expression MOSCHINO is relevant and popular among regular people like you and me.

    It is easy to fall in love with Moschino glasses because they frame your style in such a fun and noninvasive way. If you think of yourself as a conservative person, you would appreciate many Moschino glasses because they will look stylish without compromising your comfort zone.

    If you love to experiment with your looks pick one of the brave Moschino sunglasses and you can be certain to gather countless compliments from your friends.
    Come and visit our store to try best Moschino glasses and sunglasses.

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