Gucci Eyeglasses on the Edge Between Classic and Futuristic

9 November 2019

Over the 30 years in business, we have the privilege to observe the evolution of eyewear fashion. Gucci has always been one of our largest brands. Italian brand Gucci needs no introduction. It was founded almost 100 ago by Guccio Gucci as a luggage company and very quickly grew to Italian's #1 shoes and accessory brand and lager apparel brand. Luxury was always the main market for Gucci. Guccio Gucci became fascinated with the luxury world when he worked as an elevator operator for London's most expensive hotel Savoy. Upon returning to Italy, he started his leather craft shop, where he single-handedly crafted leather luggage himself. Later his three sons joined the company grew to a world brand. Most of the growth success is behind visionary Aldo, the oldest son. He traveled the world to open Gucci stores one by one and personally hired and trained staff in the first dozen stores. His sons and daughter Patricia took over the reins of the company after Aldo died. Patricia inherited all the wealth, even though she was born to Aldo's mistress when he was in his 50s. She, however, was the one beside him traveling the world and infusing her young energy and fashion interests in his final years. Being a woman, Patricia understood the needs of customers and was an essential force for the brand as a third-generation family owner.

Gucci style is iconic by the use of GG pattern and Bamboo accents. Being one of the most luxury brands in the world, the style remains classic. When people spend several thousands of dollars on a purse, it needs to be wearable and complimenting other things a person is wearing. So with Gucci products, you can be sure they will last generations.

Gucci sunglasses these days are on edge between classic and futuristic. The cool factor comes from oversized, thick sunglasses and semi-transparent lenses in many models.