Into The Fall With Burberry

28 October 2017

Burberry coatsFall is truly a main season for Burberry. Burberry is mostly famous for their trench coat with beige pattern on the inner collar. Trench coat material, gabardine, was actually invented by Thomas Burberry. Gabardine is water proof and wind proof while being lightweight and easy to care. Initial gabardine was much heavier than now, but believe it or not, 100 year old Burberry coat still looks good today.

Burberry glasses are very popular among Illuminata clients. Burberry glasses have their own style. They are mostly rectangular with classic shape that fits all genders and age groups. Many of Burberry glasses frames are unisex. Burberry pattern often dresses the temples in rather humble way. Burberry glasses have the understated look for people who prefer quality and timeless look.

Burberry BE2230F

Burberry BE2230F $274.68

Burberry glasses collection is large, over 100 pieces, average 3 colors each and even some are made in two sizes. Everyone can find a pair to their liking. Burberry is a fashion brand and every season there are a few glasses models that are truly fashion with splashy shapes and details. But in general, Burberry keeps the neutrality in style, which was their primary direction for the past 100 years.

BE2199 Burberry

Burberry BE2199 $290

Fall is fun season in Canada and we were blessed this year with an amazing weather. We are just stating to put on the scarves and gloves and those trench coats. More and more people opt for Burberry look this year with pretty much every brand offering their version of it. Beige, buttoned down, just slightly below the knee, understated coat with classic silhouette. Everyone looks good in it. Pair it with Burberry glasses to get that complete chic look!

Burberry BE4226F

Burberry BE4226F, $299