Welcome to 2020!

10 January 2020

From the entire Illuminata Eyewear team, we would like to congratulate everyone on 2020 New Year! Best of health, luck and prosperity to you and your family!

We are excited about the new fashion trends this year. As you know, the largest fashion brands have already presented their Spring/Summer 2020 collections and we can tell it will be exciting. The theme of 2020 will be climate change. We will see more recycled materials and more emphasis on sustainable luxury. Luxury brands are finding themselves in a growth stage because shoppers in North America believe more and more that it's better to buy one expensive thing than a dozen cheap ones. For eyeglasses, this idea has always been relevant because expensive eyeglasses mean high quality, which means they will last many years more. 

As far as fashion trends, we see that smaller shapes for sunglasses and eyeglasses are coming back into style. We have already received many models for the 2020 collection and see how many customers starting to like them. Not to confuse with 2000s styles, 2020 are similar smaller shapes, but they are updated, more futuristic looking. 2020 is very different from the 2000 style.

Triangular shaped sunglasses and eyeglasses started to appear in 2019. It will become mainstream in 2020. 

Hippy styles, oversized and gigantic glasses will continue to be popular in 2020. Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dior offer an extensive choice of this style.

Some brands will stay true to their signature style. Burberry, Tiffany, Armani have new collections that are variations of their old collections. Shape and style are leaning towards 2020 but much more mellow, understated as these brands prefer the classic, timeless styles.

Fun and exciting styles are coming from our customers' favorite Etnia, FYSH, KliiK, William Morris, Prodesign, Coco Song and other eyeglasses brands. More color, more surprise and excentric styles will come from these brands.