Persol Glasses

Buy Persol glasses from Illuminata Eyewear in Etobicoke and Mississauga to receive lifetime service and post-warranty care. 

Persol glasses have a huge group of fans and followers. Many of our customers only buy Persol glasses because of the high quality of frames and 100-year-old reputation of the brand. Persol glasses have a signature metal arrow on the temples made out of specially treated metal that does not fade or rust. Your Persol glasses frames will last for decades and still look relevant many years from now. Persol glasses designers pay special attention ensuring that their glasses look modern while remaining classic and timeless.

Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try most popular Persol eyeglasses or visit our online store to see entire Persol glasses collection. Call us to schedule an eye exam or simply walk in for a styling consultation from your devoted opticians in Toronto and the GTA area.
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