Privacy Policy

Illuminata Eyewear is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and to providing a safe online experience for all our users. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. With this privacy notice, we would like to inform you about our strict security measures and to identify what personal data is collected and discarded.

The Information We Collect

We collect only essential customer information such as your mailing address, phone number, email address, vision data and credit card information. The contact information you provide will only be used to contact you when necessary. All vision data and credit card information will be used for the sole purpose of billing you for the products and services that you select. We respect your privacy and we do not and will not willingly share the information you provide to us with outside companies or organizations.

Security Policy

Illuminata Eyewear has put in place security measures to protect the loss, misuse, or theft of the information under our control. All transactions are protected by a world-renowned online security system. It ensures as completely as possible that every transaction is 100% safe. The credit card information is not stored at our servers. Our accounting department may at times request additional information regarding the credit card account that is being used during a purchase to ensure that no improper use takes place. We are dedicated to protecting your best interests, and we believe that you will appreciate our conviction to keep your information secure.

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