• Morel Eyeglasses - Looking Forward since 1880

    29 Apr 2024

    Illuminata Eyewear is a big fan of Morel Eyewear. Notable brands OGA, Lightec, Nomad and Koali have been selling off our shelves since 2014. Illuminata customers have become not only wearers of these French brands, but also their ambassadors across GTA.

    Marius Morel is the first brand carried by this namesake company, named after its original founder Marius. It is hard to imagine how life was in France in 1880, before WW1 and WW2, and during the peaceful times. Tucked away in the farmland, Marius Morel had a vision. He wanted people to wear nicer eyeglasses. So he started to hand craft eyeglasses frames as a hobby, during winter months when his farm didn't require much attention. This European entrepreneur has created a global brand that is still family owned by many generations of his offsprings.

    This year, 2024, the company has decided to celebrate the Marius Morel brand and focus on making eyeglasses within this brand only. We are so happy to present the new 2024 collection to you. We hope you will enjoy Morel eyeglasses, made in France, by family owned company. Now, when you know the brand history, you will have a story to tell when someone compliments you on these eyeglasses. Don't forget to mention, that you purchased them from Illuminata Eyewear!

    Marius Morel 1880 60135M Marius Morel 1880 60136M  

    Marius Morel 1880 60135M

    Marius Morel 1880 60136M  
    Marius Morel 1880 60167M Marius Morel 1880 60170M  
    Marius Morel 1880 60167M

    Marius Morel 1880 60170M

    Marius Morel 1880 60159M M Morel AMETHYSTE 4  
    Marius Morel 1880 60159M M Morel AMETHYSTE 4  


  • TOM FORD Promotion

    17 Apr 2024

    Enjoy Huge Sale on Tom Ford Eyewear, 30-40% off.

    The promotion applies for Ontario customers. All Tom Ford promotional orders must be picked up from our store. No shipping or delivery option is offered with this promotion.
  • Canadian Brands Promotion

    1 Apr 2024

    Spring Promotion at Illuminata Eyewear!

    Enjoy 10% off on famous Canadian brands KliiK, Bertelli, Izumi, FYSH and Evatik.

    Coupon code WEST2024
  • Happy Holidays by AI.... Just Kidding

    18 Dec 2023

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In our own words, with grammar mistakes and not perfect style of writing, we are sincere in our wishes and wish you the following:

    1. Best of Health. The importance of health can't be overestimated.

    2. To Never Understand #1. Because only when you have health issues, you understand that nothing is above your health.

    3. Family Love. We wish you feel the most of love from your parents, siblings, children and all relatives. Sometimes is the distant relative who feels the closest to you. Holidays unite families and we wish you feel most of love this holiday season.

    4. Worry Free Week. Whatever gives you worry small or big, we wish you forget about it for this short time while you are celebrating.

    5. That Your Gift Wishes Materialize. If you were upfront with your family members what you want as a gift, you will likely receive it. Otherwise, we wish your wishes were well guessed and you will receive what you mentally asked for.

    6. That Your Gift Wish is Eyeglasses. We wish that you want sunglasses or eyeglasses as a gift, so you can visit us to buy it.

    7. To Find Happiness in Simple Things. Simple things are easy to get, they will bring your happiness faster.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Illuminata Eyewear.

  • Giorgio Armani Glasses Are All Time Classics

    30 Nov 2023

    Illuminata Eyewear
    has been offering eyewear by Giorgio Armani for over 20 years. We were among the first optical stores to present his eyeglasses line in Ontario. Giorgio Armani, a highly influential fashion designer, has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion with his commitment to timeless elegance. Beginning his journey in the 1970s, Armani's name is synonymous with impeccable design and sophistication. His renowned label encompasses everything from haute couture to ready-to-wear collections, reflecting his dedication to clean lines and harmonious style.

    Beyond the fashion realm, Giorgio Armani has curated an eyewear collection that mirrors his design philosophy. Each pair of Giorgio Armani glasses embodies the designer's meticulous attention to detail, offering a blend of innovation and enduring aesthetics. The glasses become more than accessories; they represent a narrative crafted by a visionary designer whose influence extends globally.

    Wearing Giorgio Armani glasses means embracing not just a symbol of style but also becoming part of the enduring legacy of a fashion icon. With a focus on simplicity, comfort, and style, Armani's creations stand the test of time, ensuring that wearers experience the essence of true luxury in every pair. Many Giorgio Armani glasses are also partical, paired with a clip-on they will save your money on sun lensess.

    Giorgio Armani AR8190U Giorgio Armani AR8185U Giorgio Armani AR7244U
    Giorgio Armani AR8190U Giorgio Armani AR8185U Giorgio Armani AR7244U
    Giorgio Armani AR6138TM Giorgio Armani AR5134 Giorgio Armani AR8159U
    Giorgio Armani AR6138TM Giorgio Armani AR5134 Giorgio Armani AR8159U

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try on Giorgio Armani glasses or buy online.

  • Discover Your Unique Style with DUTZ

    15 Nov 2023

    Elevate your eyewear game with DUTZ, the latest addition to Illuminata Eyewear's impressive in-store collection. This exciting introduction to our product lines mirrors Illuminata's commitment to offering not just glasses but a statement of individuality. DUTZ brings forth a range of eyewear that goes beyond the conventional, reflecting the brand's ethos of pushing boundaries and celebrating uniqueness.

    Step into the world of DUTZ Eyewear, where each frame is a canvas for self-expression. The collection, inspired by the brand's own description, is a fusion of timeless elegance and avant-garde flair, ensuring there's a pair that resonates with your distinctive style. DUTZ isn't just about vision; it's about embracing your identity and making a lasting impression.

    Dutz DZ2315 Dutz DZ784    
    Dutz 2315 Dutz 784    
    Dutz DZ2251    
    Dutz 2251 Dutz 806    
    Dutz 2274 Dutz 2277    

    As Illuminata Eyewear continues to redefine the eyewear experience, DUTZ emerges as the go-to brand for those who seek eyewear that mirrors their personality. Dive into the diverse world of DUTZ Eyewear now available at Illuminata website and in-store, and let your eyewear be an extension of your unique self.

    Unveil your style at DUTZ Eyewear today!

  • Genesis - a New Brand for Illuminata Customers

    4 Oct 2023

    Genesis Eyeglasses
    We are very pleased to announce a new brand at our store - Genesis. Genesis Eyewear, aka ARTwear, is a glasses brand that is inspired by pop art culture. And as you might have guessed, the person behind the inspiration is no other than Jackson Pollock. Genesis ARTglasses are meant to paint your face with a great deal of deep colors - reds, blues and yellows, and often all of these colors at the same time.

    Genesis GV1577 Genesis GV1579  Genesis GV1603 
    Genesis GV1577  Genesis GV1579 Genesis GV1603
     Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
     Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
     Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587  Genesis GV1595
     Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587 Genesis GV1595

    Made in Italy, Genesis eyeglasses are meant to look dramatic, catchy and very artsy. We have many customers who are looking to put on something very fun and very fashionable and Genesis would satisfy the need 100%.

    Genesis eyeglasses is a 180 degree turn from conservative style. It is un-conservative by all means and no matter what your style is, these kind of glasses will put all accent on your face. Many studies show that an impression about the person is made in the first 5 seconds of seeing that person. When you wear Genesis eyeglasses, the impression will be of a very positive, open-minded, progressive person with lots of confidence and intelligence.

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try on new Genesis eyeglasses or buy Genesis eyeglasses online.

  • What is an Alternative to Rimless Glasses

    17 Mar 2023

    We are being asked a lot by return customers what is the alternative to rimless glasses. Rimless glasses were very popular 20 years ago and over the decades they gradually came out of style. The last fashion push was probably by Sarah Pallin, a VP presidential candidate in the US, which was 14 years ago. So many people asked what glasses was she wearing. It was rimless glasses. But even today, Sarah Pallin is not wearing those anymore.

    From over 10,000 styles that are offered on our website, only 30 are rimless glasses. Some brands don't even have one pair of rimless frames.

    The reason people loved rimless glasses was that they opened up a face. There is no frame around the lenses, and the face is clear and open. Rimless glasses worked for all skin tones, and you didn't have to worry about the shape of the lens as the lens is meant to be seamless. But the trends over the years evolved around the crispier image of the glasses and most people agreed that nice glasses look great and add much more to the personality.

    Dolce & Gabbana DG5093 Bvlgari BV4212F Prada VPR 05Z
    Tiffany TF2230F Marc Jacobs MARC628 Saint Laurent SL M112

    I think, if you want to make the transition from rimless to rimmed, you should go with plastic transparent frames. Transparent plastic glasses gained huge popularity over the decade and are now among the most trending styles. Transparent color does the same as rimless, it opens up the face and creates a seamless look. We have hundreds of styles in transparent color or a combination on our website.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we offer a huge variety of transparent glasses frames in different shapes, colors, and brands. Shop at our store or on our website and find your next favorite pair of glasses.

  • Prodesign Glasses - Nordic Urban Style

    15 Mar 2023

    Illuminata Eyewear
    has been selling Prodesign eyeglasses for over 20 years and many of our customers chose this brand repeatedly. The main two reasons - are quality and style. Prodesign brand put customer satisfaction above all. The highest quality material, best workmanship, and innovative construction in combination make Prodesign a synonym with quality.

    The choice of over 500 glasses frames offers styles across all genera, trends, and dress levels. Whether it's a classic, an avant-garde, or a sport - Prodesign has it all. The word Urban means are inclusive of all styles.

    Prodesign Hexa 1 Prodesign Hexa 2
    Prodesign Cut 1 Prodesign Prim 3

    This year Prodesign is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Half of the century of eyeglass manufacturing has made Prodesign one of the best-known eyewear companies in the world. At Illuminata, we always have several hundreds of frames on display and the entire collection online. One of the most favorite among our customers is the titanium collection. Hardcore frames with nice color finishing will make everyone ask you a question Where did you buy these glasses?

    Prodesign Trail 1 Prodesign Clear 1
    Prodesign Prim 2 Prodesign Catch 2

    Shop for Prodesign eyeglasses at Illuminata Eyewear online or at the store.

  • Tiffany & Co Sunglasses is the Best Value Gift for St. Valentine's Day

    6 Feb 2023

    This year St. Valentine's Day will be grandiose. Finally, unlimited parties, unlimited dating, and unlimited love. It's time to start thinking of the best gift for your lady. At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that Tiffany & Co sunglasses is the most romantic, practical, and cherished gift. There are many reasons for that.

    The first reason is that Tiffany & Co makes stunning sunglasses. Tiffany sunglasses follow the annual collection and are made with elements used for precious metal jewelry, diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces that are priced many times more than sunglasses. This year, 2023, the Tiffany T collection and Tiffany HardWare collection both have a few sunglasses as part of the collection.

    Tiffany TF4196F Tiffany TF4201

    Tiffany TF4199F

    Tiffany TF3088

    The second reason is that, most likely, you will travel this year for a lovely vacation. Or you will go out a lot and seeing your lady in Tiffany sunglasses will be just a delight to your eyes. Every time she puts on sunglasses, she will remember this year's St. Valentine's Day. Memories are priceless.

    The third reason is that Tiffany sunglasses are made of the highest quality. Handcrafted in Italy, they are made of the highest quality acetate. High-quality acetate is what makes sunglasses feel soft and self-adjust over time for the best fit. The warmth of the face will soften the plastic and make it take shape that is more comfortable for you. And adjusting by hand is also very easy with high-quality acetate. The sun lens provides the highest UV protection for your eyes, ensuring the best vision.

    The fourth reason is the style. Tiffany sunglasses, like jewelry, are made in classic shapes and styles. They are meant to last a lifetime and survive decades of ever-changing trends. You wouldn't change your diamond ring due to the evolving trends, would you? Same for sunglasses. They will last for a long time and make your lady look rich and beautiful.

    The fifth reason you would love to know. It's a Tiffany iconic box. All Tiffany sunglasses come in a Tiffany blue box.

    Walk in or shop online from Illuminata Eyewear.

  • Red and Burgundy is New Brown

    22 Nov 2022

    As this year is nearing to the end, we can conclude that Red and Burgundy is New Brown. The color that was so difficult to sell, suddenly, became very popular in Canada this year. And it's partly due to fashion brands that started to manufacture more of this color. Almost every ladies plastic glasses would have red or burgundy along with tortoise and black. If customer has been wearing tortoise for many years, or maybe their entire life, it was easy to convice that time has come to change!

    Red color works well for everyone, no matter the hair color, skin tone, style or age. It brightens up the face, even removes the need for makeup in many cases. Who needs a make up when you have red glasses on!
    Prada VPR 15X Versace VE4432U Versace 3320U
    Tom Ford 5812B Etnia Brutal No5 Tory Burch TY2122U

    Another great feature of red, that it comes in many shades and can be very toned down if you don't want a bit pop on your face. It can be semi-transparent or in violet tones. Red also became popular as accent color. Even a line or border in red on black or brown, makes glasses look quite awesome. It all partly became possible due to development of new technologies that allow fusing colors more easily. Eyeglasses designers definitely are having fun with it. It must be rewarding to see more people embrace this beautiful color.

    Worried about matching it to your clothing? No need at all! Glasses never meant to be matched by clothing or other accessories. What's on the face, is most important. You can have more fun with it by painting your nails red or putting on red lipstick.

    With the help of our customers we were able to debunk the myth that red color is not good on flashed faced. Some people didn't even want to try red glasses because their skink often turns red in heat or cold. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Red glasses will deflect from your red skin and in fact make your skin look more pale. Hard to beleive, but try them on to see the result.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we always had a good choice of red glasses. But now, we have even more!
  • Amazing In-Store Selection of Glasses

    17 Jun 2022

    Our store features thousands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, ready to try and buy. Illuminata Eyewear has been around for 30 years, and our dedicated staff works hard to offer you an image consultation and help you find the eyeglasses of your dreams.
    Our in-store selection will pleasantly surprise you. It might not seem extensive compared to tens of thousands of frames on our website, but it is enough for everyone to find a few pairs to be excited about.
    Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
    Let me tell you how we achieve such a good selection. We work with sales representatives of every brand to hand pick glasses for our in-store selection. Every brand representative visits our store a few times a year with an entire line stacked in huge display suitcases. And then, we look at and try every frame before selecting those we like the most to be put on the shelves. We know that looking at the pictures is not always enough. That is why we love to touch and try to be sure we choose the best-looking, trending, and non-redundant glasses for our displays.
    Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
    We love fashion and are tuned into fashion shows and online magazines to know what is current and what is trending. We also love classic styles and always have hundreds of timeless styles that will last you for a decade.

  • Spring 2021 is About Small Business

    8 May 2021

    Fashion is moving on in 2021. The world is opening up, and new hopes are rising across the globe. While we in Canada definitely are stuck for a long time, we need to keep our spits up. The pandemic taught us many lessons, one being that the personal happiness and happiness of the family are the most important in hard times. We need to cheer each other and talk about nice things to get our days to go by a bit better.

    Small business is on the brink of extinction in Canada. Because Canadian cities are so spread out, stores are far from homes, and offices are concentrated in zones, people here have been early adopters of online shopping. By closing down business without any warning, most small businesses weren't prepared to survive in an online world. This allowed large chains to thrive and small businesses to close. The consumer is further pushed to shop online.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that small business is a retainer of culture. You don't expect to have a conversation in a large store with the owner. Over the past year, we often find ourselves having long discussions with our customers. We provide mental support and try to cheer you up. We are keyholders to promoting fashion, which in itself is a mental savior for many people. People often call us from all over the world, UK, Australia, USA, to inquire about glasses and talk about life.

    We shop from small businesses as much as possible, which was problematic due to such a lack of websites. At Illuminata Eyewear, we are prepared to serve you online by having a complete service website with vast selections of products. We invite you to shop on our website, call us anytime with inquiries, schedule an appointment for your vision needs. We welcome you to visit our store whenever you can. 

    Keep your spirits up! Check out new glasses and sunglasses styles. Discuss new trends with your family and friends. Make a wish list. Have a laugh! And remember, this country will not be fun without small business.

  • ChloĆ© - New Brand at Illuminata

    5 Feb 2021

    We are happy to invite the Chloé brand to our eyewear collections. Chloé is a well-known French luxury fashion house that turned fashion on its heels when it made a point to promote ready-to-wear with elements of prêt-à-porter. Brand founder Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian immigrant, started her workshop in a small flat in Paris in 1952. It didn't take long for her fashion passions to become a financial success. During the 60s and 70s French fashion was an epicenter of the public's cultural, social, and art lives. It was a lot to invent, and Gaby was happy to materialize her ideas of making fashionably made clothing part of the everyday life of Parisian women. Why separate high fashion from everyday clothing? It's all fashion at the end of the day. This idea became a movement, with many fashion labels that followed. Because of Chloé, we live in a world when high fashion is worn for any occasion and is a tool to express oneself.

    Over the years Chloé hired many designers, most notably Karl Lagerfeld, who came on board in 1964 and stayed with the company into the early '90s. Many people associate him with Chanel, but let's remember Chanel hired him almost 20 years after working for Chloé and because of his professional and consistent work for this brand. He was an inseparable business partner with Gaby until her retirement in 1985.

    Chloe CH340 Chloe CH032O

    Chloé glasses reflect the style of the brand to its fullest. Huge sizes with wild colors and multi-colorful lenses stand out from the classics. When wearing Chloé sunglasses, your entire style is formed. People wouldn't look any further down before declaring you super cool.

    At Illuminata, we love fashion and eyeglasses that stand out. We are very excited to offer bestsellers from Chloé eyeglasses collections at our store and the entire Chloé eyewear collection on our website.

    Chloe CH0042S Chloe CH0046S
  • Givenchy. Eternal Style with Vision.

    20 Jan 2021

    We are pleased to announce a new brand at Illuminata – Givenchy.

    Givenchy is one of the most luxurious and the most recognized brands in the world. It’s also one of the oldest brands in the post-war fashion era. Founded by Hubert De Givenchy in 1952 in Paris, a house of couture first operated at the Plaine Monceau and just a few years later moved into Hotel de Caraman, now is a location for Givenchy headquarters.

    Hubert de Givenchy became famous quickly after he opened his atelier. By the age of 25, he was already known for working for Jacques Fath, one of the most sought after designers of his time. He also worked alongside Pierre Balmain and Christian Dior while doing designs under Lucien Lelong. Fath and Lelong's names fell out of the fashion press by now, but at that time, in the 1950s, they were all the biggest movers and creators of fashion as we know today. Hubert de Givenchy was born in a noble family, raised in wealth, and surrounded by a creative family of his mother, grandmother, and grandfather who owned a tapestry factory doing designs for Paris Opera and many large Paris buildings. Aesthetics were deep in Hubert’s genes. He also studied art at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the most famous and oldest art school in France.

    Givenchy GV 0064 Givenchy GV 0053
    Givenchy GV 0064 Givenchy GV 0053
     Givenchy GV 0125
    Givenchy GV 0047  Givenchy GV 0125
     Givenchy GV 0121  Givenchy GV 0119 G
     Givenchy GV 0121  Givenchy GV 0119 G

    From the time Hubert de Givenchy opened his atelier, he was known and respected. He also was very easygoing and charming. Without confidence, there wouldn’t be a revolution. Hubert’s innovative designs were eagerly popularized by Audrey Hepburn, who became his muse and a best friend for life. Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie, and everyone knows Givenchy for the dress she was wearing during the historical movie shot. Interestingly, before and after this movie, Audrey Hepburn only wore Givenchy in almost all movies that she made.

    Givenchy glasses, just like Givenchy dresses, require an open mind to be liked. Bold shapes and oversized models. Givenchy glasses will not be your regular glasses; they will portray style and fashion. Givenchy sunglasses will create and dictate your style. See the entire collection at Illuminata.

    Givenchy GV 7167 S Givenchy GV 7164 S
    Givenchy GV 7167 S Givenchy GV 7164 S
    Givenchy GV 7162 S Givenchy GV 7109 S
    Givenchy GV 7162 S Givenchy GV 7109 S
  • Gucci's Only Way in Fashion is to Push the Limits

    5 Mar 2020

    Gucci @ Twitter

    Ever since Tom Ford became a designer of Gucci, high fashion has been the primary avenue for the brand. Many brands, such as Armani, Chanel, and Max Mara, chose to stay conservative to keep afloat and keep selling. Gucci, in the meantime, was experimenting with new forms, new ideas, and pushing it forward. You lived it or hated it, Gucci kept on going. After Tom Ford, Frida Giannini took over the designing reigns and took it to yet another level. She made the brand more refined and feminine, transforming it into a must-have for people with deep pockets who wanted quality, wanted trend, but didn't necessarily want to go over that avant-garde barrier.

    When Allessandro Michele became a designer for the brand a few years ago, he gave the brand a new boost. Hippies, freedom, and youth became the main topic for every collection. From a marketing standpoint, this brand direction is paying off very well. Many rich people were young in the 80's and hippy years and related to that period very well. On the other hand, not too many brands do well in this style. They either exaggerate turning into dirty or don't have that understanding of how to convey the feeling to their target market. Allesandro seems to have grasped the idea and used his talent to make it his own, to make it Gucci's.

    Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S
    Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S

    Our customers love new, Gucci glasses styles. They give you instant definition and built upon your personality, making your look brighter, more alive as a personality. To enhance your character is the primary function of fashion eyewear. Fashion eyewear is more than just the glasses for good vision. Fashion eyewear is an accessory that works in its way to help you look cool, beautiful, and make you feel more like yourself or someone that you always wanted to be.

    Enjoy a full selection of Gucci eyeglasses from the Illuminata Eyewear website.

  • Shopping for Glasses Online is a Safe Alternative during COVID-19

    5 Mar 2020

    Illumuniata Eyewear online eyeglasses store is a convenient method to shop during coronovirus period.

    We are just as concerned about the COVID-19, new coronavirus in Toronto as everyone else. We take precautions and do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience at our store. We clean the surfaces with alcohol and keep anti-bacterial soap on display, which we use often. We wash our hands more than usual. 

    During the SARS epidemic, our store was located at the Sherway Gardens Mall. We survived it there, and I remember it was tough. With so much traffic to the mall, it was hard not to be concerned. Luckily, we have relocated across the street to strip-mall-plaza, where all traffic to our store is directly related to buying glasses, so it's much smaller than during SARS.

    My personal shopping experience has been adjusted lately. For example, I shop for food less often and buy more each time. I certainly, don't go overboard on stockpiling for a year ahead, like some people. I started to avoid large stores.

    Nevertheless, it's springtime, and it's a high season for shopping for sunglasses. We have new stock of pretty much every brand's spring collection and can't wait to show you. Buying from a smaller store should give you confidence and a safe feeling. Especially, you don't need to walk through the long mall hallway to get to us. Just park your car and walk right in. 

    Shopping for glasses online is another excellent option to avoid virus human spread. Our website has catalogs of entire eyeglasses collection of every brand name that we carry. You can browse the styles, pick what you like, and order online. Shipping to Canada and the USA is free. You can pick up your purchase in person as well. Since you know where we are located, you can always come back to exchange or adjust your new glasses.

    We hope this pandemic will pass soon, and we all can enjoy the upcoming summer season. Keep healthy, keep safe, and don't forget to shop for your new glasses at Illuminata Eyewear.

  • Giorgio Armani is Changing Fashion by Not Changing

    24 Feb 2020

    Armani @ Twitter

    During the Milan Fashion Week this year, Giorgio Armani said that he things women fashion is sexualized more than it needs to be. He also said that he thinks that there shouldn't be trends. An interesting thought indeed and so right on that, it's hard to disagree. Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Roberto Cavalli, and late Karl Lagerfeld all seem to have arrived at this conclusion after decades in the industry.

    If you have done something right, and people buy your product because they love it, you can't change it too much. What if the current trends in the opposite of what your customers love. What if the trend is for short skirts, and you are known for long? What if the trend is for minimalism when people love you for details?

    Giorgio Armani's new collection at Milan this year is ripping the Internet not only because it is so amazing and so Armani, but also because it was shown to an empty room. Unfortunately, Italy is the new epicenter of the new coronavirus, and any public gatherings are at the risk of organizers. Giorgio Armani couldn't have imagined an outbreak starting from his show and, therefore, decided to play it safe. He asked the tickets to be returned and showed the collection to be video-recorded to show on the Internet. It's a very smart move because even I am sure Giorgio didn't think that way, it forced people to look online, giving him more Internet traffic, more shares, and, thus, more popularity. I wouldn't be surprised if this collection becomes the most shared ever.

    In addition to the unusual showing, the collection is as beautiful as ever. The models are flowing in the silk pants and velour jackets. You can tell how comfortable they are wearing it. You can wear Armani all day without taking it off. You can sleep in it, and you can eat it in it, you can run in it and do whatever without even thinking that you are wearing an elegant Armani suit.

    The same proves true for the eyeglasses. While we see a huge shift in styles of sunglasses in the past few years towards the avant-garde, trendy and exotic, Armani remains true to his inventions: classic, comfortable, and very high quality!

    Armani glasses 8127 Armani AR5090
    Armani AR8127
     Armani AR7166  Armani AR8060
     Armani AR7166 Armani AR8060 
  • How to Pick Sunglasses as Valentines's Gift

    12 Feb 2020

    Valentine's Day is approaching, and in-loved ones are frantically running around looking for a gift. If you made a smart decision to get eyeglasses or sunglasses as Valentine's gift, here are some fool-proof tips for you.

    1. Remember, glasses are an amazing gift. It's practical, it's fashionable and it's good for your health. You cover all three major criteria when buying sunglasses and generally speaking, you can be confident that you are getting a very good gift for your loved one. So feel good about it.

    2. Follow your heart. In the past, we would go on to recommend to keep safe and get aviators shape or get metal sunglasses that will have a higher chance of a good fit. This year, with the enormous variety of sunglasses styles, and acknowledging the fact that people already have a few pairs, we recommend to get something that YOU like. Don't worry if she or he may not like it, it's your gift and this is how you see your loved person in it.

    3. Don't worry; you can exchange it. Worst comes to worst; you will get another fun occasion to get together and go try more glasses to exchange the gift.

    4. Cool sunglasses for Him. Check it out, ready to buy off the shelf at Illuminata Eyewear

    Gucci GG287S Gucci GG00200S
    Gucci GG00287S Gucci GG0200S

    5. Cool sunglasses for Her

    Bvlgari BV6098 DIORINSIDEOUT1
    Bvlgari BV6098 Dior DiorInsideOut1

    6. Ok, I understand, you might want to stay on the safe side. Here are nice classics for Him.

    Giorgio Armani AR8107 Boss 1038
    Giorgio Armani AR8107 Boss 1038S

    7. Very nice classics for Her

    Prada SPR 04VF Saint Laurent SL1
    Prada SPR 04VF Saint Laurent SL1

    Happy Valentines Everybody!

  • New Saint Laurent Collection is Now Selling at Illuminata Eyewear

    14 Jan 2020

    Saint Laurent sunglasses and glasses are now waiting for the new owners at the Illuminata store! We have a long history with the brand and have been carrying it from the begging of our store, since 25 years ago.

    Up until recently, Saint Laurent brand went by Yves Saint Laurent, until the new creative director Hedi Slimane rebranded the company to Saint Laurent in 2016. While the move was hit with much criticism, Heidi argued that Saint Laurent was the original name of the brand. Never the less, Hedi Slimane has done very well for the brand and brought it to the new heights. Today, Saint Laurent is one of the most popular luxury fashion brands.

    Yves Saint Laurent, the company founder, needs little introduction. He is one of the most recognized French names in fashion history. It is fair to say that without Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Berge, fashion wouldn't be what it is today. Yves Saint Laurent is credited for creating modern fashion and bringing it to the 20th century. Yves Saint Laurent famously worked with Christian Dior and headed the Dior label after his passing. Christian Dior was so excited about the new talent that he named him his successor just days before he died, although that Yves was just 21 when he took over the reins of Dior brand.

    Soon after he founded his brand Yves Saint Laurent and took it to a completely different direction from Dior feminine style. Yves wanted to revolutionize women's fashion by giving women choices, particularly with wearing pants. He dropped bows and ribbons, also tight, wasted dressed. Over the decade, women all over the world were wearing pantsuits, trapezia dresses and simply styled clothing. The rest of the career Yves worked on creating simple luxury and achieving the recognition in luxury fashion, which was hard to justify given the absence of jewelry and details.

    Yves Saint Laurent wore glasses the entire life and had a special passion for eyewear. This passion most likely came from Christian Dior. Dior was known eyewear fanatic, inventor and creator, Yves Saint Laurent loved bold, thick plastic glasses which remains the signature style for Saint Laurent eyewear.

    Saint Laurent SL232 BETTY Saint Laurent SL213 LILY Saint Laurent SL1 
    Sailt Laurent SL 157 Saint Laurent SL 124 Saint Laurent SL M152

    2020 Saint Laurent eyewear collection is rich with many beautiful and unexpected shapes. Saint Laurent sunglasses are either large, square and with the flat lens or wide and long. There is no in-between. Style demands statement and you get it with every pair of Saint Laurent glasses. Visit the Illuminata store to try the most exciting models or our online store for the complete collection.

  • Welcome to 2020!

    10 Jan 2020

    From the entire Illuminata Eyewear team, we would like to congratulate everyone on 2020 New Year! Best of health, luck and prosperity to you and your family!

    We are excited about the new fashion trends this year. As you know, the largest fashion brands have already presented their Spring/Summer 2020 collections and we can tell it will be exciting. The theme of 2020 will be climate change. We will see more recycled materials and more emphasis on sustainable luxury. Luxury brands are finding themselves in a growth stage because shoppers in North America believe more and more that it's better to buy one expensive thing than a dozen cheap ones. For eyeglasses, this idea has always been relevant because expensive eyeglasses mean high quality, which means they will last many years more. 

    As far as fashion trends, we see that smaller shapes for sunglasses and eyeglasses are coming back into style. We have already received many models for the 2020 collection and see how many customers starting to like them. Not to confuse with 2000s styles, 2020 are similar smaller shapes, but they are updated, more futuristic looking. 2020 is very different from the 2000 style.

    Triangular shaped sunglasses and eyeglasses started to appear in 2019. It will become mainstream in 2020. 

    Hippy styles, oversized and gigantic glasses will continue to be popular in 2020. Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dior offer an extensive choice of this style.

    Some brands will stay true to their signature style. Burberry, Tiffany, Armani have new collections that are variations of their old collections. Shape and style are leaning towards 2020 but much more mellow, understated as these brands prefer the classic, timeless styles.

    Fun and exciting styles are coming from our customers' favorite Etnia, FYSH, KliiK, William Morris, Prodesign, Coco Song and other eyeglasses brands. More color, more surprise and excentric styles will come from these brands.

  • Gucci Eyeglasses on the Edge Between Classic and Futuristic

    9 Nov 2019

    Over the 30 years in business, we have the privilege to observe the evolution of eyewear fashion. Gucci has always been one of our largest brands. Italian brand Gucci needs no introduction. It was founded almost 100 ago by Guccio Gucci as a luggage company and very quickly grew to Italian's #1 shoes and accessory brand and lager apparel brand. Luxury was always the main market for Gucci. Guccio Gucci became fascinated with the luxury world when he worked as an elevator operator for London's most expensive hotel Savoy. Upon returning to Italy, he started his leather craft shop, where he single-handedly crafted leather luggage himself. Later his three sons joined the company grew to a world brand. Most of the growth success is behind visionary Aldo, the oldest son. He traveled the world to open Gucci stores one by one and personally hired and trained staff in the first dozen stores. His sons and daughter Patricia took over the reins of the company after Aldo died. Patricia inherited all the wealth, even though she was born to Aldo's mistress when he was in his 50s. She, however, was the one beside him traveling the world and infusing her young energy and fashion interests in his final years. Being a woman, Patricia understood the needs of customers and was an essential force for the brand as a third-generation family owner.

    Gucci style is iconic by the use of GG pattern and Bamboo accents. Being one of the most luxury brands in the world, the style remains classic. When people spend several thousands of dollars on a purse, it needs to be wearable and complimenting other things a person is wearing. So with Gucci products, you can be sure they will last generations.

    Gucci sunglasses these days are on edge between classic and futuristic. The cool factor comes from oversized, thick sunglasses and semi-transparent lenses in many models. 

  • You Will Dazzle in Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

    4 Sep 2019
    Jimmy Choo eyeglasses are special and unique. The whole direction of the brand is to produce niche designer eyewear that will stand out and make everyone ask where did you get that or what is this brand. In Jimmy Choo eyeglasses, you are guaranteed compliments. Most people will say they are cool even if they don't even like it. That is the statement, and that is what the goal is.

    Jimmy Choo is a renowned British, Malaysian born designer. He came from a dynasty of shoemakers and immigrated to London to study at fashion school. He decided to not to return home after graduating but instead work his way up in British fashion business. His family followed him to open up Jimmy Choo brand. An important person for their business, who is left behind the scenes, is Tamara Mellon. Tamara Mellon was worked for Vogue accessories department and was a shoeholic. She partnered with Jimmy to create this business. An unlikely and highly productive partnership worked out amazingly. It's a true success story and an inspiration for so many people. Jimmy is an immigrant from Malasia, just a son of shoemakers. His partner is a woman who came from the publishing business, not a wealthy person at all. Using the fusion of their talents and insane business drive they created a world-known brand in just under five years.

    Their shoes were famously featured in Sex and the City series and got a Vogue magazine coverage in early days, which provided for that crucial media attention.

    But where do sunglasses come in? Going back to our recent article, glasses, shoes, and purses are part of what's called fashion accessories. They are crafty, practical addition to your fashion look.

    Jimmy Choo sunglasses are only on the market for a few years, but they have already become a very sought after brand at optical stores. We heard of them from our customers first!

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear store to get your new favorite glasses.
  • Everyone's Got Their Style

    28 Aug 2019

    A North American consumer faces a new challenge today - a huge choice of fashion products. Shoes, purses, dresses, suits, eyeglasses in different styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes - it's all presented at the same time. People often come to our store with the question "What is in fashion now." To this question, I usually answer, "There is a new style that is trending, but everything still goes." Brands don't seem to discontinue older styles. They add more.

    It's a snowball effect. Brands simply can't sell fast enough, but everyone is asking for new. They are inventing, reinventing, bringing out old designs. At the end of the day, people still have one set of arms, legs, and eyes. It's impossible to invent new every season. In my observation, different brands started to concentrate on building their own style instead. Versace is sexy and loud. Dolce & Gabbana is ornamental and floral. Armani is simple and reserved. Hugo Boss is high tech. Bvlgari is rich. Prada is a sport. Tory Burch is boho. 

    You also have a style. Over the years, you start having a preference that works for your taste and lifestyle. In North America, a classy sport style is predominant due to people's preference for comfortable living. In Europe, the dress code is still a thing for many offices and outings. People wear more dresses, more suit, and high heels. North American customers also on occasion, love to dress up. In Asia, I find it depends on the region and income level. It's either very basic or Versace-flashy and loud. Europe still has a tremendous influence on Asian fashion.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we love matching eyeglasses to your style. When you walk in, we can tell which style is yours and which style you can deviate to. If you generally sporty we will offer eyeglasses that will also work for casual-elegant wear. If you fancy and elegant, we will offer high fashion to push your style to a new level. Whatever it is, we got it all. Fashion is fun, and we embrace it with humor but also some seriousness to find that one perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

  • Just Cool Designer Glasses

    25 Jul 2019

    Source: Twitter @Versace
    Eyeglasses have gone a long way since their inception and since they became part of fashion some 80 years ago. Fashion per definition is "a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior". But in real life, fashionable things often are introduced by designers before they become popular. Popularity is achieved via creative and aggressive marketing. And as of lately, with the help of social media and peer sharing. Since social media became part of our everyday life, fashion has been moving with unprecedented speed, often changing in the course of 12-24 months. For example, retro-round eyeglasses were introduced by designers around five years ago, and just a year later they became mainstream. Ultra-large, heavy plastic square glasses had two year popularity life. Most recent huge rimless and triangular glasses are entering as we speak and may reach their height already next year.

    We at Illuminata Eyewear closely watch trends and embrace them with our entire DNA. Trends are in our blood, and advocating them is part of our procession. However, we love to stay on the thin line between purely trendy and reasonably nice. Trends often and lately even more so, are created to make a statement and attract clicks/shares. If it's ugly, it will often achieve social media shares, but no way will become popular among customers. We understand such marketing dynamics and choose glasses for our stock wisely. 

    Here are the top picks of cool and very cool for this summer:

    William Morris BLGRA
    William Morris BLGRA
    William Morris 40004
    William Morris BL40004
      Marc Jacobs MARC 314
    Marc Jacobs MARC 314
    Roberto Cavalli 5062 LONDA
    Roberto Cavalli 5062 LONDA
    Etnia Belleville
    Etnia Belleville
  • Sunglasses and Purses

    2 Jul 2019
    Sunglasses serve not only as vision aids but also as a fashion accessory. Historically, purses served as main fashion accessories, but with the invention of sunglasses, the cute vision aids have quickly become must-have items for every woman and men. All fashion brands take sunglasses design seriously and try to incorporate them into the current fashion look. Sunglasses are important because unlike shoes or even purses, they attract the most attention. Maybe because of that, Tom Ford paid special attention to sunglasses when he launched his brand. Sunglasses are the best selling Tom Ford item from the entire collection.

    2019 is a special year because sunglasses have the most extraordinary design ever. The complex geometrical shape and multi-layered lenses color make them not only the object or art but also the object of very complicated scientifically powered manufacturing.

    Also to best selling aviators, plastic rectangular sunglasses and retro round sunglasses, this year we see the triangular shape.

    Mirror lens continues to be popular, especially in advertising. It looks modern and futuristic. Mirror lens also looks dressy. Personally me, I am a big fan of mirror lens. It needs a bit more maintenance with cleaning, but it looks very beautiful and is very much worth the extra effort. If your mirror lens gets scratched, many brands sell glasses replacement lenses. Among them is Prada, Versace, Armani, Tiffany, Bvlgari and a few more. For a reasonable price, you can upgrade your sunglasses to make them look like new, or even completely different by choosing a different color.


    Hats play well with sunglasses too. It's great to see a revival of hats in modern fashion. For over a decade, hats were used less often by designers until recently. Sun protection became more of a subject, and women and men alike are looking for fashionable ways to cover the skin from harmful UV rays. Hats and sunglasses in a way, play a similar purpose. They go hand in hand!

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear with your favorite accessories to pair them with fashionable sunglasses.

  • Ultra-light Sun Lenses is a New Trend

    6 Jun 2019

    2019 is a very exciting year for sunglasses fashion: so many new trends and styles from the world leading designer brands. We continue seeing a growing number of brands putting the sunglasses on the models during the fashion week shows. And more advertising of clothing now includes sunglasses. This advertising strategy makes sunglasses a connected accessory to the overall image or looks that the designer was trying to achieve. 

    A new and exciting trend is a light lens. We have some at our store, and they look fabulous. Firstly, the light lens looks very mysterious, romantic, and chic. Secondly, it is very comfortable as you are not always under the brightest sun. When living in the city, you find yourself mostly in the shade, between the building, under the trees or the clouds. 

      Dior Stellaire1
      Dior Stellaire 1

    The lightly tinted lens is what a city person needs. When you wear such sunglasses, you don't feel like taking them off at all. When you get into the building, into your car, your lightly tinted sunglasses don't appear too dark.

    The key with lightly tinted sunglasses is the size. The larger they are, the more comfortable they are. Since people can still see through your eyes, you don't need to be concerned as coming through too shielded. They will become part of your face!

    Many brands are making a collection of lightly tinted sunglasses. Among our favorites are Dior, Prada, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Carrera and many more. 

  • Rimless Glasses are Back BIG Time

    29 May 2019

    It has been a while when rimless glasses took a break in popularity. Once very popular in the early and mid-2000s they seem to have phased away during the last ten years. Maybe it's because designers started to push for more definition by making thicker, bolder frames. Or maybe everyone just got too tired of seeing them. But to our surprise, this year rimless glasses are making a huge comeback and in a BIG way.

    When I say BIG, I mean huge. Take a look at these Dior's. Just how adorable they are. Dior always has a way of making something unusual look natural and stylish. There was no exception with the Dior Stellaire collection. Thin rimmed glasses and sunglasses were widely advertised and now are among the most sought after by fashion queens and kings. This year the Stellaire collection is expanded by adding a few rimless models. Large round, square, pentagons other shapes all rimless are making a debut. They sort of look retro, modern, but above all, they look relevant to today's style. It's luxurious simplicity that is the main theme for many mega brands this year. How can you look humble, but polished and sleek? By picking the right pair of glasses.

    I must also mention that such large rimless glasses are very comfortable as they provide a very large vision area. How do you make sure that lenses don't chip? By getting Polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are a must for rimless glasses if you want to make them last a long time.

    Another great advantage in getting rimless glasses by Dior is that one day you can always bring them back into Illuminata Eyewear and get new lenses in a different shape! How is it possible? It's because rimless glasses don't have a rim, so the lens is held by the temples. Cut a different lens and install into your beloved Dior temples. You will get a new pair of glasses beyond recognition. 

    At Illuminata Eyewear we have stock for the most popular this year Dior Stellaire glasses. Come to try them on or buy online.

  • Illuminata Eyewear Has All Sizes!

    25 Apr 2019

    We know the pain of people who just want small glasses. The modern shapes are gone wild, huge and for some unpractical. If you happen to have small face or strong prescription huge glasses will not be a good idea. You can still get them, but lenses might come out distorted, thick and heavy. We have customers who simply don't care, fashion and trend is above all.

    But for many staying concervative and practical is above fashion and trend. It is however, becoming a little challenge lately. No worries, at Illuminata Eywear we've got your covered. We carry a few brands that specialize on smaller sizes such as well known Canadian brands KliiK and Bertelli.

    KliiK 636
    KliiK 636 KliiK 629

    A huge variety of glasses in any color and shape is offered by KliiK and Bertelli. Up-to date, concervative and even fashionable - all in your size and all suitable for strong prescriptions.
    Bertelli 880 Bertelli B-849
    Bertelli B-880 Bertelli B-849

    At our store we always have over 100 of Kliik, Bertelli and Izumi and many other glasses in smaller size. We also have smaller frames for men by well known French brand Lightec. Lightec has many sizes, small is not their specialty, but we chose a few that are size 50 and under for customer who would like them. Black, brown and navy are often men's favorite colors. Clear is also becoming a trend and looks excellent with thicker lenses.

    Walk in to try, buy online or order online and pick up from the store.
  • Prada is Feeling Military Style for 2019

    26 Feb 2019

    is one of the most innovative brands in the fashion industry. Every collection is a work of art, and often it's also a political message. Fashion is a very expressive form of art that gives it's creators an opportunity to show their ideas and express their state of mind — customers who wear their clothing automatically become ambassadors of this message.

    Prada presented their Autumn-Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection in Milan last week. The collection is beautiful, full of sleek silhouettes, amazing! Shoes and sunglasses. Mud green, terracotta and black were dominant colors of the collection set up the mood for the military. We can draw our analysis that Paris has undergone a major strike of Yellow Vests early this year and the mood has been set for the fashion collection for the future season. Heavy boots, rainproof jackets, and shielding hats accompanied gloomy looking models that confidently stroke the runway.

    Prada sunglasses once again dictate the new trend of oversized and semi-transparent. Sunglasses are becoming not just a sun blocking devices, but also shields for the bigger part of the face. Whatever the goal is, Prada sunglasses look cool! This style is especially relevant for Canadian winter known for heavy winds and cloudy skies. You need, need new Prada shields!

    Visit our store to try the best Prada sunglasses of 2019 season!

  • Last Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi Collection is Loaded with Sunglasses

    21 Feb 2019

    Karl Lagerfeld's final Fendi collection
    was presented today in Milan. Ready-to-wear Autumn-Winter 2019 collection opened up with a huge banner with Karl's handwriting Love KL, and a handwritten caligraphic F (for Fendi logo) was engraved into the catwalk carpet. The mood was somber, but everyone tried to maintain their composure and turn the show off more of a celebration of his life and career. Silvia Venturini Fendi came out for a bow for the first time by herself. 

    The collection is stunning as expected. Each model's outfit was multi-layered with several types of fabric from sheer, to solid cotton to leather. Perhaps, as a final farewell, Karl omitted natural fur which even prompted PETA to issue a condolence statement to his family. Karl Lagerfeld loved to layer his outfits, but as a true professional he always made them look cohesive and not overloaded. The color tone and color combination is key. This time yellows, beiges, and greens dominated the black and white. 

    And this time, to our pleasure, sunglasses were worn by some dozen models. As the '60s and 70's style continues to resonate with current fashion trends, sunglasses are oversized with the semi-transparent lens. Modern sunglasses by Fendi, however, unlike those worn by your grandma, have a solid colored lens with a bit of translucent glow. 2019 Fendi sunglasses look modern and very fashionable.

    Karl wanted everyone to embrace fashion as a living art form that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Fashion is the most practical and most used art form. There are no boundaries and there is always room for a good taste.

    Farewell Karl!

  • A Very Sad Day for The Fashion World Today

    19 Feb 2019

    It's mind-boggling and hard to believe, but the worlds most admired fashion icon is gone. The world of fashion woke up to the sad news that Karl Lagerfeld, most beloved, fun, creative genius has died at age 85.

    In the world of fashion, there are many designers; there is Dior, there is Prada, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and many many more. And above them all stands Karl Lagerfeld. He was so much more than a designer. He was a visionary, fashion workaholic, creative machine and quality control demon. He created the best fashion collection for every fashion week, put up the best show and never stopped making a jaw-dropping collection.

    As he was approaching a tender age, he continued working so hard, as hard as always. It felt that he will always be there. When he didn't show for the recent Paris fashion week Chanel collection, I felt very nervous already. His recent look with the thick beard was also creating a nervous feeling in the media. In interviews, he looked very healthy, and with a bit of a weight gain, he looked much younger than 85. By his sudden passing, Karl Lagerfeld reminded us all how precious life is and that no one lasts forever.

    People don't last forever, but their creations do. The impact that Karl Lagerfeld made on the development of fashion will last forever. When minimalism was becoming popular and financially profitable for fashion houses, Karl said Nein! He made a point that he will not work under a budget and that quality of fashion lies in detail that can’t be sacrificed or traded for profit. It's in buttons, in pearls, multi-layered trims, and very complex fabrics. His models always looked like a masterpiece, worthy to pause the video and study, everyone. Chanel and Fendi boutiques for me have always been like museums. But even better, where you can see up close, touch, try and even find out the price! Last time I visited the Chanel store was at Hong Kong airport. They had a few pieces from his 2017 Space ship collection, and it was such a joy to look at. I stared at that jacket for 20 minutes and the more I stared, the more details I found. It was entertainment on its own.

    With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the entire era of fashion is over. He always said that the future is more important than the past and that future is all he lives for. It’s all about the next collection, the next season and next year. Buried in the history books and over-studied on the fashion past, Karl still believed that the future is bright and it's all that matters. Let's be sad, but in a way how he wanted us to, with the dream of the fun and bright future of fashion that never stops. 

    Thank you Karl for the beauty, your quality standard and for showing us what fashion should be all about.

  • Glasses Gifts for St. Valentines 2019

    7 Feb 2019

    February is a great month. In Canada, we celebrate Family Day on February 18, which is a public holiday devoted to spending time with your family. We also celebrate St. Valentines day, which is just as amazing!

    Over the years it grew so big. Kids are writing cards to their friends all week, also making little gifts to their parents. So cute! But as an adult, you are also expected to come up with some nice gift for your loved one. After the Christmas holidays, all the gift ideas are exhausted, and it's a bit more challenging usually. No worries, sunglasses will get you covered.

    Sunglasses make an excellent St. Valentines gift. They are a gift of fashion and style, making them always special. Some people have lots of sunglasses, which means they like collecting them. If your loved one only has one or few pairs, getting a new pair would be an awesome St. Valentines gift. 

    Sunglasses also make a practical gift. They protect eyes from harmful UV rays and shiny sun. They are comfortable, protective and beautiful. Also, brand name sunglasses that we carry at Illuminata Eyewear always come in nice packaging, a case, often a hard box making the unboxing processing so fun.

    Here are our three picks for her and him. Come and visit our store for many more.

    For Her

    Dior Spirit 1 Prada SPR 04U Tom Ford TF575 Anna
    Dior Spirit 1 Prada SPR 04U Tom Ford 575 Anna

    For Him

    Versace 2189 Carrera 166S Giorgio Armani AR8107
    Versace 2189 Carrera 166S Giorgio Armani AR8107
  • Glasses from Paris Fashion Week 2019

    25 Jan 2019

    Balmain, Paris Fashion Week 2019 Photo credit Filipo Fior

    Accessories are becoming a major element of runway shows. Until recently it was mostly about purses and shoes, sometimes about glasses. But this year sunglasses have become an important element of all frontal collections.

    Ellie Saab Paris Fashion Week 2019 /Photo credit Alessandro Lucioni

    This week is about haute couture which means the creativity of fashion designers are at the peak. Paris Fashion Week, usually held at the end of January, sets the tone for design direction of the brand for the entire year. Our analysis shows that sunglasses are splitting between very large and huge to very small. Since everyone already has the medium size, then the other two should follow. Note, when I say huge, I mean gigantic, enormous and half of your face kind of size.

    Vogue magazine picked top ten collections that are believed to be the biggest trendsetters for the year. Among famous Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga some less known to general public Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, and Dries Van Noten.

    Maison Margiela hired John Galliano who debuted his first collection at the Paris Fashion Week. John Galliano is world known designer who worked for Dior for almost 20 years and then was famously fired for racist and anti-Semitic remarks. Having had a second chance at Oscar de la Renta in New York, Galliano once again became a point of controversy for dressing as an orthodox Jewish man. Media misinterpreted his move that was meant to show respect for the offended group and sent him to another media scandal. Maison Margiela is now owned by Diesel corporation.

  • Bvlgari Glasses Can Be Jewelry Too

    10 Jan 2019

    Bvlgari Sunglasses at Illuminata

    Eyeglasses have many purposes. A most important purpose is to let you see well. The second purpose is to add style and enhance your image. For some brands such as Bvlgari, Tiffany, Dior there is also a purpose of decorating your face. These brands of glasses meant to carry information about your status. This especially true with Bvlgari eyeglasses that are among the most expensive and luxurious on the current market. Of course, Bvlgari prices don't compare to Bvlgari diamond earrings or rings that go for thousands of dollars. Bvlgari eyeglasses normally sell around $500-700 price range which is less than diamonds but still higher than other luxury brands.

    Bvlgari BV8182 Bvlgari BV8182 Temple
    Bvlgari BV8182B  

    Bvlgari sunglasses and eyeglasses are handcrafted in Italy. All parts are assembled by hand, and all rhinestones are inserted by hand. It takes many hours to assemble one pair of Bvlgari sunglasses. The manufacturing process requires utmost precision and does not tolerate any mistakes. Since Bvlgari glasses are meant to stay on your face all day long, the rhinestones are glued very well to withstand even extreme wear.

    At Illuminata Eyewear we provide aftercare for Bvlgari glasses. Should any of the stones come off after the warranty period,  and if you purchased your Bvlgari glasses at our store, we can source the single stones and insert them for you. If you bought your sunglasses elsewhere, we could order a pair of original Bvlgari glasses temples or lenses and ship to your home. Just like watches, Bvlgari eyeglasses are meant to be cared for and serviced so that they can last for many years and even generations.

  • Into 2019 With Practical Fashion Eyewear

    3 Jan 2019

    We are so thrilled to meet 2019 and are so excited about this new year. Happy New Year to everyone, best of luck, love, and most importantly health!

    Over the 20 years that Illuminata Eyewear is in business we experienced a true eyewear revolution. It's hard to imagine that just 20 years ago we didn't have even a fraction of the glasses choice that we have today. Hundreds of new eyeglasses brands emerged and even established brands put their design teams to work on eyeglasses. Twenty years ago we didn't have Versace, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, Bvlgari eyewear. We see many new brands establishing their name every year. 

    We noticed that apart from a wide variety of design many brands took an innovative path working on making glasses more comfortable and suitable for the active lives of people. More thought is put into how people physically feel when they wear glasses. Also, how to make them withstand more impact and last longer for best customer satisfaction. 


    Major innovation is about weight. When titanium glasses came to market, it was an instant hit. Titanium is one of the strongest materials, but also very light. It comes with a heavy price tag, as titanium is hard to mine and has a limited supply. Still, even today titanium glasses are popular among our customers. To our surprise, other materials are reworked, so they are just as light, if not lighter than titanium. We have many glasses in stock by Lightec and Prodesign that are made out of aluminum or very thin steel and feel featherlike.

    Hindges is another field that is worked on heavily by glasses industrial designers. We see many innovative methods to make spring hinge without the use of screws. OGA, Lightec, and Prodesign  have patented technology for their hinges.

    Use of color had a breakthrough over the past ten years with the arrival of Coco Song. Instead of painting the glasses they laminate printed silk and dried flowers to achieve remarkable color and painting effects.

    Asian fit designs are now so popular that many fashion brands have two versions of each glasses model with standard nose pad and elongated, or metal to accommodate nose bridges for more people. The fitting barrier to fashion has been officially defeated with this manufacturing approach.

  • William Morris Eyewear. A Touch of British Style.

    1 Dec 2018

    William Morris eyewear is a new edition to Illuminata Eyewear. We have been selling William Morris for just three years and are impressed with how much our customers enjoy it. William Morris London not only offers a unique style, but it also comes with its own image identity. It means that the Wiliam Morris eyeglasses have common elements that make them a collection. As per our observation, this factor makes an eyeglasses brand thrive. Every year many new eyeglasses brands are brought over to our store by small and global dealers. We often see the lines lack this kind of identity; the style is all over the place to please everyone and no one at the same time. When we first saw William Morris, we saw that the brand has a future among our customers. 

    William Morris PAL
    William Morris BLPALOMA

    William Morris BLDICKENS
     William Morris Churchill
    William Morris Churchill
     William Morris BLSADE
    William Morris BLSADE

    William Morris offers predominantly unisex styles, quite reserved and pragmatic, in best traditions of British fashion. If you follow fashion, you would say the best known British brand is Burberry. Then there is also Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney in the ranks of the mega brands. They share a similar style of simplicity, durability and a bit of boldness. Generally, you would need to have your style to match it with the above to spice it up a bit. William Morris style is based on the best traditions of British fashion, but it's also fun. When you try William Morris glasses, you either hate them and put them back on the shelf of love them and don't want to try anything else. 

    William Morris LN50092
    William Morris LN50092
    Wiilam Morris LN5093
    William Morris LN50093
    William Morris LN50090
    William Morris LN50090
    William Morris LN50087
    William Morris LN50087

    We love to see our customer reaction when trying William Morris glasses. Ladies and men alike would often say "Oh no, not me." Or some will say "Ooo I love it." William Morris glasses are made of high-quality acetate and high-quality metals that don't oxidate or discolor. Even general wear of material only helps their glasses look more authentic and vintage. The phrase "to age gracefully" is best suited for William Morris eyeglasses. This is part of high-quality artistry and skilled selection of materials. 

    William Morris is a well established global brand. Founded in 1996 by William Morris who is still a leader in the company, the brand has grown to be sold all over Europe and since a few years ago in Canada as well. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try best models of William Morris glasses or shop at our website for a full collection.

  • Etnia Barcelona is For Art

    15 Nov 2018

    Etnia Barcelona is perhaps the most eccentric brand of eyeglasses in the world today. It is the most known brand of glasses in Spain and very firmly standing brand in North America. Illuminata Eyewear was one of the first in Canada to introduce Etnia glasses to the market, and within just a few months Etnia glasses were worn all over Toronto. People just loved the creativity of designs that looked nice and beautiful, but what's important - modern in moderation.

    Etnia Barcelona team takes glasses making as a craft. Every step of the way is the creative process. As a result, we have out-of-future designs, world-class quality, and very cool advertising campaigns. 

    Etnia Quito
    Etnia Quito
    Etnia Nitra
    Etnia Nitra
    Etnia Keila
    Etnia Keila
    Etnia PIPO
    Etnia Pipo

    Bright and rich colour is the main feature of Etnia Barcelona. The word Barcelona is added to the brand name in purpose. Whoever been to this Spanish city, which is even more known than Spain's capital, automatically associates it with colour, wild architecture and creative minds. Antonio Gaudi gave the city and many fashion brands a special spirit of artistic freedom by designing Park Guel, Sagrada Familia and many other buildings. It's even harder to imagine that those architectural masterpieces were designed 100 years ago! Etnia Barcelona designers live up to the name and carry the legacy of the city into the future.

    Etnia Chico
    Etnia Chico
    Etnia Trapani
    Etnia Trapani
    Etnia Rimini
    Etnia Rimini
    Etnia Praia
    Etnia Praia

    Every new Etnia Barcelona collection impresses. You could only wish you had more heads to wear many Etnia glasses at once. Once our customers get into the spirit of trying them on, it's hard just to stop and pick one. Our image consultants often have to use some opinions to close the deal.

    2018 Etnia Barcelona glasses where at the forefront of the wired frames while adding much color to thin metal frames. Very popular plastic designs were redesigned with modern enlarged shapes. Etnia Kids glasses collection is the cutest for little eyes to see better and moms and dads to enjoy the look.

  • OGA Glasses Scandinavian Spirit Shared With Canadian Love

    9 Nov 2018

    When we introduced OGA glasses to our eyewear brands, some ten years ago, there was an instant connection between our customers and the brand. It hit us by surprise.

    OGA brand offered something entirely different - high-quality eyewear with unconventional design. At the time men eyeglasses were divided into two categories - fashion brand name and eyeglasses brand with simple designs. OGA designs are far from simple. Many details come together. It's a 3D laminated temple, it's the color accent, and it's the material.

    OGA 10070O
    OGA 10070O
    OGA 1037O
    OGA 10037O
    OGA 10053O
    OGA 10053O
    OGA 10075O
    OGA 10075O

    I must mention that OGA was a traditionally a men brand of eyeglasses. Women models are being added in the course of the last few years. It's slowing becoming a women favorite brand name as well. Men loved that their glasses had a color accent, which was a novelty at the time. Today this what often sets OGA apart from other designers. The color is used in moderation. It's often just a stripe, half temple or a shade of the color on the front frame. Navy and Burgundy are frequent colors to go side to side with black, brown and grey. 

    OGA was also among first to use natural wood as part of the material. Natural wood is a difficult material to use in glasses manufacturing as it's quite fragile. OGA had an invention to use wood lamination in between or with the steel base. This idea made OGA wood glasses last for ten years and more without ever breaking. OGA wood glasses collections are known to be exclusive, an executive line of glasses. If you want to look rich, you get those. 

    OGA 10001O
    OGA 10001O
    OGA 2968S

    OGA 2868S
    OGA 6898O
    OGA 6998O
    OGA 7646O

    OGA 7646O

    OGA offers an excellent choice for customers who want to look professional, wealthy or just very very good while maintaining a taste. Everyone knows to be rich and having taste is a completely different thing. In OGA glasses you will look elegant, professional and a person of style. You can wear OGA glasses with a suit, jeans or track pants and look equally as good because your face is what counts first.

    Visit us at Illuminata Eyewear in Etobicoke to share your love to OGA glasses or try best models from the latest collections. You're welcome to buy on our website at any time.

  • Avant-Garde Glasses 2018 Choices

    25 Oct 2018

    Term avant-garde means unusual and experimental and mostly applies to arts and fashion. Avant-garde glasses have never been offered in larger choice than now. We are at the era when avant-garde is the major direction of the artists that embrace it fully in all fields of arts. It is not easy when it comes down to sunglasses and glasses that are treated as a vision accessory for everyday use. The fine line needs to be maintained between practical, comfortable and artsy. I am glad to show you glasses that look out-of-future and are still very comfortable.

    Dior Club2 Dior Bianca
    Dior Diorclub2 Dior DiorBianca

    Out of all Illuminata Eyewear collections, number 1 avant-garde brand is Fendi, closely followed by Dior, Prada and the rest. The use of color, shape, and detail is mind-blowing, to say the least.

    Fendi FF0296 Fendi FF0215
    Fendi FF0296 S Fendi FF0215 S

    Over this year we find that people are warming up to more experimental glasses designs by trying them on and buying. Fewer people are surprised to see funky styles, and we hear less Wow and Oh No! Glasses meant to delivery joy and cheered. They are not only for work and office.

    Carrera SKI LL Carrera 5046 S
    Carrera SKi LL Carrera 5046 S

    Avant-garde does not automatically means beautiful. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One can find it beautiful and another ugly. But for sure avant-garde is unusual, fun and extraordinary. In glasses like these, you will be complimented on and on.

    Perhaps the reason more people are embracing fun fashion in eyeglasses is that more people have several pairs of glasses for different occasions. A very active advertisement of avant-garde styles is everywhere on Twitter and in fashion magazines.

    Be sure to visit our store to try these beauties! 

  • Giorgio Armani Glasses For Men and Women In Style

    17 Oct 2018

    Giorgio Armani is regarded as the creator of style. The style is not necessarily fashion. It's how you wear things that compliment your own personality and enhance your beauty or image. Giorgio Armani said in many interviews that style is more important than fashion or beauty. He does not want people to wear his clothing the way he put them on models; he wants people to wear it in their own way. This vision paid off over the years making Giorgio Armani first fashion billionaire in the world.

    Giorgio Armani AR7161 Giorgio Armani AR5081
    Giorgio Armani AR7161 Giorgio Armanni AR5081

    Eyeglasses is a big passion for Giorgio Armani. He is one of the major stakeholders in Luxottica, the world largest eyeglasses and lenses company. His brand contributed to Luxottica success. And Giorgio Armani brand grew to global levels because of his line of glasses. 

    Illuminata Eyewear was among the first independent optical stores to carry Armani glasses and sunglasses. There were times when Armani was the #1 best selling brand of glasses. If you watch movies from 90's, you will see many people in Armani sunglasses.

    Emporio Armani EA4120 Emporio Armani EA4118
    Emporio Armani EA4120 Emporio Armani EA4118

    Today we have many customers who only wear Armani glasses. Especially men customers. There are two brands Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. Much like clothing, Giorgio is the most upscale brand. Thus glasses have more fashion turn to it. Emporio Armani is a lifestyle brand, a bit less posh and more practical. It's only if you try to analyze you can see some difference. When it comes to glasses the difference is often in price as Emporio Armani retails $70 or so less than Giorgio per pair of frames.

    Giorgio Armani AR6076 Giorgio Armani AR8180
    Giorgio Armani AR6076 Giorgio Armani AR8180

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try many Armani glasses and sunglasses from our collection. Or visit our website to see a complete current collection of all Armani glasses and sunglasses in all available colors.

  • Burberry Heritage Carried Through Sunglasses

    26 Aug 2018

    Burberry is one of the oldest and most historical British brand names. It dates back to 1856, times when fashion was starting to emerge as a phenomenon. Thomas Burberry was a visionary and entrepreneur who invented gabardine, a trench coat waterproof material to make his coats more practical. Little he knew that his invention would change the course of the fashion industry and make him one of the richest men in England.

    Burberry BE4271F Burberry BE4265
    Burberry BE4271F
    Burberry BE4265

    Today everyone in Canada heard of Burberry. At Illuminata Eyewear we have been selling Burberry glasses and sunglasses for many years and have developed a group of Burberry loyal customers who will always try Burberry glasses when shopping for their next pair. You can't go wrong when buying Burberry sunglasses for yourself or a gift. The beauty of the brand that it hasn't been changing their styles too much in the past 100 years. The trench coat is still the same, and despite traditionalism, it is one of the best selling items for the brand today. The Burberry brown-beige checkerboard pattern is another reason brand is famous for. Sunglasses combine these two elements. They are mostly classic in design and often have favorite Burberry pattern printed on temples of frames.

    Best selling Burberry sunglasses are aviators. With Burberry touch, they look more fashion and less sporty if to compare them to other brands. Interestingly, the shape and the color is the same as the others. It's the image of the brand that makes their aviators stand out. That tiny little pattern or perhaps, just the general feeling is what will make you feel so special.

    Burberry BE3092Q Burberry BE3098
    Burberry BE3092Q
    Burberry BE3098

    A favorite shopping factor for Burberry sunglasses is that they are very reasonably priced. For $250 you can land with a pair of Burberry sunglasses and fall in love with them forever. Unisex design of many models gives you another reason to feel confident in Burberry purchase. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try the newest styles of Burberry sunglasses. We have many best selling models in stock and can ship the same day if your order online. We offer lifetime service that includes adjustments, cleaning, and repairs.

  • Dior Stellaire Glasses a Hit of 2018

    21 Jun 2018

    Spring-Summer of 2018 is underway, and we observe this year trends dynamic by helping our customer to choose their next glasses. In our observation, people are getting more open-minded to try unconventional styles and enjoy themselves through funky designer frames. 

    Highly advertised Dior Stellaire is becoming a hit of 2018 summer trends. First released for Fall-Winter 2017 season, Dior Stellaire is just making it to the mainstream six months later. We received the first pair from Dior about six months ago.

    Dior Stellaire 4 Dior Stellaire 3 Dior Stellaire 2
    Dior Stellaire 04 Dior Stellaire 03 Dior Stellaire 02

    Enlarged square glasses are made of a lightweight wire metal. Once put on, they transform the face making you look fashionable and futuristic. Maria Grazia Chiuri designed these glasses for one of her first collections at Dior. She wanted to use Dior heritage and 50's fashion trends as an inspiration. She also wanted to make sure her collection is only inspired by older styles because as she said life today is very different from 50's. It's great that she understands that.

    Dior Stellaire 4 sun Dior Stellaire 3 sun Dior Stellaire 1 Sun
    Dior Stellaire 4 Sun Dior Stellaire 3 Sun Dior Stellaire 1 Sun

    People who appreciate fashion want to make a statement with what they wear. People often want to stay within their comfort zone, and the more photos and videos are made of people wearing ultra fashion, the wider the mainstream comfort zone becomes. Dior tries to remain conservative by using dark and beige colors, at the same time pushing the limit with the silhouettes and shapes. Entire Dior Stallaire glasses collection falls within the mood of Dior fashion in this season.

  • Tom Ford Is The Master of Elegance

    30 Nov -0001

    Twitter @TomFord

    Tom Ford products are in constantly growing demand across the world. Over the 15 years of brand existence, Tom Ford developed a signature style that works for the lifestyle of most of fashion aware men and women who want to look elegant, relevant and not too flashy. While Versace, Dior, and Prada are concentrating on making the mark with color and wild designs, Tom Ford keeps his signature style unchanged. He is a businessman above all and knows that fashion comes and goes, but style remains. Much like Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford emphasizes style vs. fashion. He spends hours drawing, tailoring and redoing that simple looking suit to make sure it sits perfectly and makes the wearer feel amazing. 

    Twitter @ TomFord

    Tom Ford sunglasses brand is one of the best selling in North America. When our customers try it at our store, they often admit that Tom Ford glasses feel good. The good feel is achieved by picking best acetate materials, creating most balanced molds and hand polishing the glasses to perfection. There is no corner cutting when it comes to making Tom Ford glasses. Glasses and sunglasses brought Tom Ford fame when he was starting. He worked hard getting his best friends Julianne Moore, and Colin Firth wears his glasses everywhere. Tom Ford is a micro-manager and likes to be in full control of production line. He visits factories, hand picks all the fabric himself and approves every pair of glasses that go into production. Then double checks the result and send it back for a redo if necessary before selling it to customers. He even shoots most of photo advertisements by himself.

    Illuminata Eyewear has a long history with Tom Ford. We were among first stores in Canada to carry Tom Ford at our Etobicoke location. We sold his very first collection of sunglasses. Some of the best selling models Tom Ford TF8 Jennifer is still offered for sale in 2018 collection. We witnessed how Tom Ford sunglasses evolved into more fashionable direction and came back to classic. We sold every single model from James Bond movies. 

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses to experience Tom Ford style.

  • Sunglasses for Father's Day. In stock. Come and Get.

    14 Jun 2018

    Father's day is coming up this weekend. Don't put it to last second. If you are planning on making him a gift, you have two days left. But we at Illuminata Eyewear make it easy for you. We have many amazing sunglasses in stock to fit any style or size. Here are our top picks for this week:

    Something classy:

      Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119
      Versace VE2173 Versace VE2119

    Something fancy:

      Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L
      Prada SPS 54I Prada SPS 01L

    Something fashionable:

      Armani AE4092 Carrera 8010 
      Armani EA4092  Carrera 8010

    Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2163
    Prada SPS 51O Versace VE2173

    Peada SPR 51O Tom Ford Holt
    Prada SPR 51O Tom Ford TF516 Holt
  • Sunglasses Is The Best Father's Day Gift

    1 Jun 2018
    Cool Dad in Sunglasses
    Source: Twitter/carreraworld

    It is always a shopping challenge to get the perfect gift for your beloved father and husband for the Father's Day. He's got shirts, shoes, belts, keychains. If you ask him what he wants for Father's Day, he would say Whatever you decide honey! Or Suprise me! Ok, been there, got that. Men generally don't like to be as specific as women with what they want for gifts. But trust me, they love gifts just as much as women. Sunglasses are the perfect Father's Day gift and here is why.

    It's June! Especially this year when summer just crawled in two weeks ago everyone is going insane to stay outside as much as possible. Backyard, bike, cottage, the season is here. Sunglasses will make your loved one look beautiful, stylish and UV protected.

    Sunglasses are a practical gift. Men love practical gifts that have a function. They also love aesthetic gifts, and not many can satisfy the two criteria. Sunglasses are practical. Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses due to the very long lasting sun and strong UV rays. 

    None canceled good style. At Illuminata Eyewear we have a huge selection of sunglasses that will work for everyone regarding style. As Giorgio Armani once said, a person should not worry about looking fashionable as long as the person has a style! Sunglasses add a big amount of style. Every celebrity or model always wears sunglasses. Remove those and something is missing. So sunglasses are the ultimate style accessory. It adds more style than your expensive watch, shoes or suit.

    Sunglasses can never be too many. In fact, most men have only one pair of sunglasses. If you are talking style, most of the sunglasses that are five years or older look dated as per today. Eyewear designers practically revolutionalized the fashion of eyeglasses in the past five years, introduced many designs that now are mainstream. Your men will appreciate having a new pair of sunglasses.

    No worries about fit. It's a myth and misconception that sunglasses need to match someone's face shape. It used to be may be 10 years ago. But in the last few years designers worked very hard on making sunglasses work for everyone's face and fit as many people as possible. If you are not sure, you can always show us a photo of your man and we will find many sunglasses that will fit.

    Enough said. Hurry up! It's only two weeks left until Father's Day which is Sunday, June 17 this year. Visit Illuminata Eyewear to find a perfect gift of sunglasses for your beloved man.
  • MOSCHINO Glasses Now Selling At Illuminata Eyewear

    15 May 2018


    We are pleased to announce a new brand MOSCHINO to join our glasses collection. Moschino glasses and sunglasses is nothing you have ever seen before. Colorful, wild and excentric Moschino products carry the idea that fashion should be entertainment. 
    The brand founder Franco Moschino was an artist and illustrator before creating his fashion label. He worked with Gianni Versace during his formative career years, and the influence between the two designers is still felt in every collection. Versace taught Moschino fashion business, and Moschino taught Versace fashion politics. 

    Moschino MOS512

    Moschino MOS510

    Franco Moschino was known as the eccentric designer who made thematic fashion shows and created a theatrical experience for the spectators and models. He believed that fashion is a means of self-expression and often used big letter writings on the tops and dresses. He was among the first designers to oppose the use of animal fur and chemical dyes. He used his fashion collections to express his opinion on environmental issues, racism, and violence.

    Moschino MOS006 S

    Moschino MOS004 S

    Most notable Moschino eyeglasses in 2018 collection are beaming with bright red and white color. The golden studs are adding flavor to the stunning glasses designs. Of course, classic styles in black and Havana colors are available for practically every model.
    30 years ago when Moschino started his label, his eccentric couture style was deemed too wild for the general public. Fashion icons Madonna and Kylie Minogue hired Moschino designers for their tour costumes. But today when fashion is starting to be seen as a voice and means self-expression MOSCHINO is relevant and popular among regular people like you and me.

    It is easy to fall in love with Moschino glasses because they frame your style in such a fun and noninvasive way. If you think of yourself as a conservative person, you would appreciate many Moschino glasses because they will look stylish without compromising your comfort zone.

    If you love to experiment with your looks pick one of the brave Moschino sunglasses and you can be certain to gather countless compliments from your friends.
    Come and visit our store to try best Moschino glasses and sunglasses.

  • How To Pick Modern Glasses For High Prescriptions

    3 May 2018

    Etnia Lapa, $347

    Modern glasses styles seem to get larger and larger. Models in posh magazines are wearing oversized glasses with Plano lenses in them making the style look like attainable for everyone. Extra large round and square frames have invaded the market this year with every brand offering a few variations of their designs. At the store, we are facing many customers who want to look stylish and modern but are concerned that extra large XL frames will not work for their strong prescriptions. 

    The biggest concern is that lenses will come out thick. The stronger the prescription, the thicker lenses will be. The larger glasses, the thicker your lenses will turn out. Say, your prescription is +4.50/+4.25. The smaller the frames, the thinner lenses will be for this specific prescription. To get best possible results, opt of thinnest Index lenses. 1.67 or 1.74. Even with that high index lenses will show thickness in the most popular XL thin wired frames.

    Glasses weight is another concern. The larger the lenses, the heavier they will be. Popular frames are almost double in size than what you are used to if you shopped 5-7 years ago. If glasses temples are thin, they may not balance out the lenses weight, and you will feel heavy on your nose.

    And lastly, vision clarity might be a concern if you have a strong prescription or high astigmatism. Lenses might need very precise measurement, and glasses will need to be precisely adjusted for a clear view. Not only PD measurement will matter, but also height. Height measurement is a must for progressive lenses, but even for single vision, this measure is necessary if you picked XL glasses frames,

    At Illuminata Eyewear we have a range of glasses designs from 2018 collections that include all cool and stylish XL glasses. We are more than willing to edge lenses of any prescription in them and let you decide if you like the look and if you feel comfortable. If you don't like your glasses, you can pick different frames and reuse the lenses or get them done a new.

    We advise customers with a strong prescription to go for smaller frames that have the same style as large with the same design idea. Round glasses have been popular for over five years now, and designers seem to keep adding millimeters to the size. Smaller round frames still look modern and will work much better than larger ones. We see more variations of plastic round frames in more colors and color combinations. Plastic round glasses will hide the lens thickness the best.

    At the store, we have many options from various designers and will be happy to offer best choices for your style and personality.

  • Spring Glasses Styles of 2018

    23 Feb 2018

    We are looking ahead to the exciting spring season of 2018 and are stocking up on new 2018 glasses from various designer brands. By looking at the new collections, I can tell that glasses are becoming more exciting. Designers are finally getting a good balance between fashion and wearable. All brands have a very good range of glasses frames to fit many styles and image goals. There is a lot of colors, a lot of shape variety and at the same time a lot of popular black, tortoise and nude colors. 

    Roberto Cavalli RC5053 Follonica

    Roberto Cavalli RC5053 Follonica
    Prada VPR 53U

    Prada VPR 53U
    Prada VPR 05U

    Prada VPR 05U
    Fendi FF 0276

    Fendi FF 0276

    The meaning of avant-garde is blending in with mainstream styles where designers are promoting the idea of fashion to become a daily element of everyone's lives, not just celebrity or person of art. Brand name designers want everyone to experiment with their look more courageously and glasses is a great tool for that.

    Fendi FF 0262

    Fendi FF 0262
    Fendi FF 0246

    Fendi FF 0246
    Dolce and Gabbana DG3265B

    Dolce and Gabbana DG3265B
    Dolce and Gabbana DG5020

    Dolce and Gabbana DG5020

    Clear or transparent is becoming increasingly popular. With transparent frames, you can match any outfit and not worry about the color. More transparent frames are made elegant and dressy due to detail, glitter or rhinestone accent. 

    Just Cavalli JC0809

    Just Cavalli JC0809
    Prada VPR 03N

    Prada VPR 03N
    Tom Ford TF5479 B

    Tom Ford TF5479 B
    Versace VE3251B

    Versace VE3251B