ChloƩ - New Brand at Illuminata

5 February 2021

We are happy to invite the Chloé brand to our eyewear collections. Chloé is a well-known French luxury fashion house that turned fashion on its heels when it made a point to promote ready-to-wear with elements of prêt-à-porter. Brand founder Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian immigrant, started her workshop in a small flat in Paris in 1952. It didn't take long for her fashion passions to become a financial success. During the 60s and 70s French fashion was an epicenter of the public's cultural, social, and art lives. It was a lot to invent, and Gaby was happy to materialize her ideas of making fashionably made clothing part of the everyday life of Parisian women. Why separate high fashion from everyday clothing? It's all fashion at the end of the day. This idea became a movement, with many fashion labels that followed. Because of Chloé, we live in a world when high fashion is worn for any occasion and is a tool to express oneself.

Over the years Chloé hired many designers, most notably Karl Lagerfeld, who came on board in 1964 and stayed with the company into the early '90s. Many people associate him with Chanel, but let's remember Chanel hired him almost 20 years after working for Chloé and because of his professional and consistent work for this brand. He was an inseparable business partner with Gaby until her retirement in 1985.

Chloe CH340 Chloe CH032O

Chloé glasses reflect the style of the brand to its fullest. Huge sizes with wild colors and multi-colorful lenses stand out from the classics. When wearing Chloé sunglasses, your entire style is formed. People wouldn't look any further down before declaring you super cool.

At Illuminata, we love fashion and eyeglasses that stand out. We are very excited to offer bestsellers from Chloé eyeglasses collections at our store and the entire Chloé eyewear collection on our website.

Chloe CH0042S Chloe CH0046S