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Latest news

  • Giorgio Armani Glasses Are All Time Classics

    30 Nov 2023

    Illuminata Eyewear
    has been offering eyewear by Giorgio Armani for over 20 years. We were among the first optical stores to present his eyeglasses line in Ontario. Giorgio Armani, a highly influential fashion designer, has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion with his commitment to timeless elegance. Beginning his journey in the 1970s, Armani's name is synonymous with impeccable design and sophistication. His renowned label encompasses everything from haute couture to ready-to-wear collections, reflecting his dedication to clean lines and harmonious style.

    Beyond the fashion realm, Giorgio Armani has curated an eyewear collection that mirrors his design philosophy. Each pair of Giorgio Armani glasses embodies the designer's meticulous attention to detail, offering a blend of innovation and enduring aesthetics. The glasses become more than accessories; they represent a narrative crafted by a visionary designer whose influence extends globally.

    Wearing Giorgio Armani glasses means embracing not just a symbol of style but also becoming part of the enduring legacy of a fashion icon. With a focus on simplicity, comfort, and style, Armani's creations stand the test of time, ensuring that wearers experience the essence of true luxury in every pair. Many Giorgio Armani glasses are also partical, paired with a clip-on they will save your money on sun lensess.

    Giorgio Armani AR8190U Giorgio Armani AR8185U Giorgio Armani AR7244U
    Giorgio Armani AR8190U Giorgio Armani AR8185U Giorgio Armani AR7244U
    Giorgio Armani AR6138TM Giorgio Armani AR5134 Giorgio Armani AR8159U
    Giorgio Armani AR6138TM Giorgio Armani AR5134 Giorgio Armani AR8159U

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try on Giorgio Armani glasses or buy online.

  • Discover Your Unique Style with DUTZ

    15 Nov 2023

    Elevate your eyewear game with DUTZ, the latest addition to Illuminata Eyewear's impressive in-store collection. This exciting introduction to our product lines mirrors Illuminata's commitment to offering not just glasses but a statement of individuality. DUTZ brings forth a range of eyewear that goes beyond the conventional, reflecting the brand's ethos of pushing boundaries and celebrating uniqueness.

    Step into the world of DUTZ Eyewear, where each frame is a canvas for self-expression. The collection, inspired by the brand's own description, is a fusion of timeless elegance and avant-garde flair, ensuring there's a pair that resonates with your distinctive style. DUTZ isn't just about vision; it's about embracing your identity and making a lasting impression.

    Dutz DZ2315 Dutz DZ784    
    Dutz 2315 Dutz 784    
    Dutz DZ2251    
    Dutz 2251 Dutz 806    
    Dutz 2274 Dutz 2277    

    As Illuminata Eyewear continues to redefine the eyewear experience, DUTZ emerges as the go-to brand for those who seek eyewear that mirrors their personality. Dive into the diverse world of DUTZ Eyewear now available at Illuminata website and in-store, and let your eyewear be an extension of your unique self.

    Unveil your style at DUTZ Eyewear today!

  • Genesis - a New Brand for Illuminata Customers

    4 Oct 2023

    Genesis Eyeglasses
    We are very pleased to announce a new brand at our store - Genesis. Genesis Eyewear, aka ARTwear, is a glasses brand that is inspired by pop art culture. And as you might have guessed, the person behind the inspiration is no other than Jackson Pollock. Genesis ARTglasses are meant to paint your face with a great deal of deep colors - reds, blues and yellows, and often all of these colors at the same time.

    Genesis GV1577 Genesis GV1579  Genesis GV1603 
    Genesis GV1577  Genesis GV1579 Genesis GV1603
     Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
     Genesis GV1584  Genesis GV1574  Genesis GV1598
     Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587  Genesis GV1595
     Genesis GV1593  Genesis GV1587 Genesis GV1595

    Made in Italy, Genesis eyeglasses are meant to look dramatic, catchy and very artsy. We have many customers who are looking to put on something very fun and very fashionable and Genesis would satisfy the need 100%.

    Genesis eyeglasses is a 180 degree turn from conservative style. It is un-conservative by all means and no matter what your style is, these kind of glasses will put all accent on your face. Many studies show that an impression about the person is made in the first 5 seconds of seeing that person. When you wear Genesis eyeglasses, the impression will be of a very positive, open-minded, progressive person with lots of confidence and intelligence.

    Visit Illuminata Eyewear to try on new Genesis eyeglasses or buy Genesis eyeglasses online.

  • What is an Alternative to Rimless Glasses

    17 Mar 2023

    We are being asked a lot by return customers what is the alternative to rimless glasses. Rimless glasses were very popular 20 years ago and over the decades they gradually came out of style. The last fashion push was probably by Sarah Pallin, a VP presidential candidate in the US, which was 14 years ago. So many people asked what glasses was she wearing. It was rimless glasses. But even today, Sarah Pallin is not wearing those anymore.

    From over 10,000 styles that are offered on our website, only 30 are rimless glasses. Some brands don't even have one pair of rimless frames.

    The reason people loved rimless glasses was that they opened up a face. There is no frame around the lenses, and the face is clear and open. Rimless glasses worked for all skin tones, and you didn't have to worry about the shape of the lens as the lens is meant to be seamless. But the trends over the years evolved around the crispier image of the glasses and most people agreed that nice glasses look great and add much more to the personality.

    Dolce & Gabbana DG5093 Bvlgari BV4212F Prada VPR 05Z
    Tiffany TF2230F Marc Jacobs MARC628 Saint Laurent SL M112

    I think, if you want to make the transition from rimless to rimmed, you should go with plastic transparent frames. Transparent plastic glasses gained huge popularity over the decade and are now among the most trending styles. Transparent color does the same as rimless, it opens up the face and creates a seamless look. We have hundreds of styles in transparent color or a combination on our website.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we offer a huge variety of transparent glasses frames in different shapes, colors, and brands. Shop at our store or on our website and find your next favorite pair of glasses.

  • Prodesign Glasses - Nordic Urban Style

    15 Mar 2023

    Illuminata Eyewear
    has been selling Prodesign eyeglasses for over 20 years and many of our customers chose this brand repeatedly. The main two reasons - are quality and style. Prodesign brand put customer satisfaction above all. The highest quality material, best workmanship, and innovative construction in combination make Prodesign a synonym with quality.

    The choice of over 500 glasses frames offers styles across all genera, trends, and dress levels. Whether it's a classic, an avant-garde, or a sport - Prodesign has it all. The word Urban means are inclusive of all styles.

    Prodesign Hexa 1 Prodesign Hexa 2
    Prodesign Cut 1 Prodesign Prim 3

    This year Prodesign is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Half of the century of eyeglass manufacturing has made Prodesign one of the best-known eyewear companies in the world. At Illuminata, we always have several hundreds of frames on display and the entire collection online. One of the most favorite among our customers is the titanium collection. Hardcore frames with nice color finishing will make everyone ask you a question Where did you buy these glasses?

    Prodesign Trail 1 Prodesign Clear 1
    Prodesign Prim 2 Prodesign Catch 2

    Shop for Prodesign eyeglasses at Illuminata Eyewear online or at the store.

  • Tiffany & Co Sunglasses is the Best Value Gift for St. Valentine's Day

    6 Feb 2023

    This year St. Valentine's Day will be grandiose. Finally, unlimited parties, unlimited dating, and unlimited love. It's time to start thinking of the best gift for your lady. At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that Tiffany & Co sunglasses is the most romantic, practical, and cherished gift. There are many reasons for that.

    The first reason is that Tiffany & Co makes stunning sunglasses. Tiffany sunglasses follow the annual collection and are made with elements used for precious metal jewelry, diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces that are priced many times more than sunglasses. This year, 2023, the Tiffany T collection and Tiffany HardWare collection both have a few sunglasses as part of the collection.

    Tiffany TF4196F Tiffany TF4201

    Tiffany TF4199F

    Tiffany TF3088

    The second reason is that, most likely, you will travel this year for a lovely vacation. Or you will go out a lot and seeing your lady in Tiffany sunglasses will be just a delight to your eyes. Every time she puts on sunglasses, she will remember this year's St. Valentine's Day. Memories are priceless.

    The third reason is that Tiffany sunglasses are made of the highest quality. Handcrafted in Italy, they are made of the highest quality acetate. High-quality acetate is what makes sunglasses feel soft and self-adjust over time for the best fit. The warmth of the face will soften the plastic and make it take shape that is more comfortable for you. And adjusting by hand is also very easy with high-quality acetate. The sun lens provides the highest UV protection for your eyes, ensuring the best vision.

    The fourth reason is the style. Tiffany sunglasses, like jewelry, are made in classic shapes and styles. They are meant to last a lifetime and survive decades of ever-changing trends. You wouldn't change your diamond ring due to the evolving trends, would you? Same for sunglasses. They will last for a long time and make your lady look rich and beautiful.

    The fifth reason you would love to know. It's a Tiffany iconic box. All Tiffany sunglasses come in a Tiffany blue box.

    Walk in or shop online from Illuminata Eyewear.