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Latest news

  • Gucci's Only Way in Fashion is to Push the Limits

    5 Mar 2020

    Gucci @ Twitter

    Ever since Tom Ford became a designer of Gucci, high fashion has been the primary avenue for the brand. Many brands, such as Armani, Chanel, and Max Mara, chose to stay conservative to keep afloat and keep selling. Gucci, in the meantime, was experimenting with new forms, new ideas, and pushing it forward. You lived it or hated it, Gucci kept on going. After Tom Ford, Frida Giannini took over the designing reigns and took it to yet another level. She made the brand more refined and feminine, transforming it into a must-have for people with deep pockets who wanted quality, wanted trend, but didn't necessarily want to go over that avant-garde barrier.

    When Allessandro Michele became a designer for the brand a few years ago, he gave the brand a new boost. Hippies, freedom, and youth became the main topic for every collection. From a marketing standpoint, this brand direction is paying off very well. Many rich people were young in the 80's and hippy years and related to that period very well. On the other hand, not too many brands do well in this style. They either exaggerate turning into dirty or don't have that understanding of how to convey the feeling to their target market. Allesandro seems to have grasped the idea and used his talent to make it his own, to make it Gucci's.

    Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S
    Gucci GG0105S GUCCI GG0016SA GUCCI GG0076S

    Our customers love new, Gucci glasses styles. They give you instant definition and built upon your personality, making your look brighter, more alive as a personality. To enhance your character is the primary function of fashion eyewear. Fashion eyewear is more than just the glasses for good vision. Fashion eyewear is an accessory that works in its way to help you look cool, beautiful, and make you feel more like yourself or someone that you always wanted to be.

    Enjoy a full selection of Gucci eyeglasses from the Illuminata Eyewear website.

  • Shopping for Glasses Online is a Safe Alternative during COVID-19

    5 Mar 2020

    Illumuniata Eyewear online eyeglasses store is a convenient method to shop during coronovirus period.

    We are just as concerned about the COVID-19, new coronavirus in Toronto as everyone else. We take precautions and do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience at our store. We clean the surfaces with alcohol and keep anti-bacterial soap on display, which we use often. We wash our hands more than usual. 

    During the SARS epidemic, our store was located at the Sherway Gardens Mall. We survived it there, and I remember it was tough. With so much traffic to the mall, it was hard not to be concerned. Luckily, we have relocated across the street to strip-mall-plaza, where all traffic to our store is directly related to buying glasses, so it's much smaller than during SARS.

    My personal shopping experience has been adjusted lately. For example, I shop for food less often and buy more each time. I certainly, don't go overboard on stockpiling for a year ahead, like some people. I started to avoid large stores.

    Nevertheless, it's springtime, and it's a high season for shopping for sunglasses. We have new stock of pretty much every brand's spring collection and can't wait to show you. Buying from a smaller store should give you confidence and a safe feeling. Especially, you don't need to walk through the long mall hallway to get to us. Just park your car and walk right in. 

    Shopping for glasses online is another excellent option to avoid virus human spread. Our website has catalogs of entire eyeglasses collection of every brand name that we carry. You can browse the styles, pick what you like, and order online. Shipping to Canada and the USA is free. You can pick up your purchase in person as well. Since you know where we are located, you can always come back to exchange or adjust your new glasses.

    We hope this pandemic will pass soon, and we all can enjoy the upcoming summer season. Keep healthy, keep safe, and don't forget to shop for your new glasses at Illuminata Eyewear.

  • Giorgio Armani is Changing Fashion by Not Changing

    24 Feb 2020

    Armani @ Twitter

    During the Milan Fashion Week this year, Giorgio Armani said that he things women fashion is sexualized more than it needs to be. He also said that he thinks that there shouldn't be trends. An interesting thought indeed and so right on that, it's hard to disagree. Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Roberto Cavalli, and late Karl Lagerfeld all seem to have arrived at this conclusion after decades in the industry.

    If you have done something right, and people buy your product because they love it, you can't change it too much. What if the current trends in the opposite of what your customers love. What if the trend is for short skirts, and you are known for long? What if the trend is for minimalism when people love you for details?

    Giorgio Armani's new collection at Milan this year is ripping the Internet not only because it is so amazing and so Armani, but also because it was shown to an empty room. Unfortunately, Italy is the new epicenter of the new coronavirus, and any public gatherings are at the risk of organizers. Giorgio Armani couldn't have imagined an outbreak starting from his show and, therefore, decided to play it safe. He asked the tickets to be returned and showed the collection to be video-recorded to show on the Internet. It's a very smart move because even I am sure Giorgio didn't think that way, it forced people to look online, giving him more Internet traffic, more shares, and, thus, more popularity. I wouldn't be surprised if this collection becomes the most shared ever.

    In addition to the unusual showing, the collection is as beautiful as ever. The models are flowing in the silk pants and velour jackets. You can tell how comfortable they are wearing it. You can wear Armani all day without taking it off. You can sleep in it, and you can eat it in it, you can run in it and do whatever without even thinking that you are wearing an elegant Armani suit.

    The same proves true for the eyeglasses. While we see a huge shift in styles of sunglasses in the past few years towards the avant-garde, trendy and exotic, Armani remains true to his inventions: classic, comfortable, and very high quality!

    Armani glasses 8127 Armani AR5090
    Armani AR8127
     Armani AR7166  Armani AR8060
     Armani AR7166 Armani AR8060 
  • How to Pick Sunglasses as Valentines's Gift

    12 Feb 2020

    Valentine's Day is approaching, and in-loved ones are frantically running around looking for a gift. If you made a smart decision to get eyeglasses or sunglasses as Valentine's gift, here are some fool-proof tips for you.

    1. Remember, glasses are an amazing gift. It's practical, it's fashionable and it's good for your health. You cover all three major criteria when buying sunglasses and generally speaking, you can be confident that you are getting a very good gift for your loved one. So feel good about it.

    2. Follow your heart. In the past, we would go on to recommend to keep safe and get aviators shape or get metal sunglasses that will have a higher chance of a good fit. This year, with the enormous variety of sunglasses styles, and acknowledging the fact that people already have a few pairs, we recommend to get something that YOU like. Don't worry if she or he may not like it, it's your gift and this is how you see your loved person in it.

    3. Don't worry; you can exchange it. Worst comes to worst; you will get another fun occasion to get together and go try more glasses to exchange the gift.

    4. Cool sunglasses for Him. Check it out, ready to buy off the shelf at Illuminata Eyewear

    Gucci GG287S Gucci GG00200S
    Gucci GG00287S Gucci GG0200S

    5. Cool sunglasses for Her

    Bvlgari BV6098 DIORINSIDEOUT1
    Bvlgari BV6098 Dior DiorInsideOut1

    6. Ok, I understand, you might want to stay on the safe side. Here are nice classics for Him.

    Giorgio Armani AR8107 Boss 1038
    Giorgio Armani AR8107 Boss 1038S

    7. Very nice classics for Her

    Prada SPR 04VF Saint Laurent SL1
    Prada SPR 04VF Saint Laurent SL1

    Happy Valentines Everybody!

  • New Saint Laurent Collection is Now Selling at Illuminata Eyewear

    14 Jan 2020

    Saint Laurent sunglasses and glasses are now waiting for the new owners at the Illuminata store! We have a long history with the brand and have been carrying it from the begging of our store, since 25 years ago.

    Up until recently, Saint Laurent brand went by Yves Saint Laurent, until the new creative director Hedi Slimane rebranded the company to Saint Laurent in 2016. While the move was hit with much criticism, Heidi argued that Saint Laurent was the original name of the brand. Never the less, Hedi Slimane has done very well for the brand and brought it to the new heights. Today, Saint Laurent is one of the most popular luxury fashion brands.

    Yves Saint Laurent, the company founder, needs little introduction. He is one of the most recognized French names in fashion history. It is fair to say that without Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Berge, fashion wouldn't be what it is today. Yves Saint Laurent is credited for creating modern fashion and bringing it to the 20th century. Yves Saint Laurent famously worked with Christian Dior and headed the Dior label after his passing. Christian Dior was so excited about the new talent that he named him his successor just days before he died, although that Yves was just 21 when he took over the reins of Dior brand.

    Soon after he founded his brand Yves Saint Laurent and took it to a completely different direction from Dior feminine style. Yves wanted to revolutionize women's fashion by giving women choices, particularly with wearing pants. He dropped bows and ribbons, also tight, wasted dressed. Over the decade, women all over the world were wearing pantsuits, trapezia dresses and simply styled clothing. The rest of the career Yves worked on creating simple luxury and achieving the recognition in luxury fashion, which was hard to justify given the absence of jewelry and details.

    Yves Saint Laurent wore glasses the entire life and had a special passion for eyewear. This passion most likely came from Christian Dior. Dior was known eyewear fanatic, inventor and creator, Yves Saint Laurent loved bold, thick plastic glasses which remains the signature style for Saint Laurent eyewear.

    Saint Laurent SL232 BETTY Saint Laurent SL213 LILY Saint Laurent SL1 
    Sailt Laurent SL 157 Saint Laurent SL 124 Saint Laurent SL M152

    2020 Saint Laurent eyewear collection is rich with many beautiful and unexpected shapes. Saint Laurent sunglasses are either large, square and with the flat lens or wide and long. There is no in-between. Style demands statement and you get it with every pair of Saint Laurent glasses. Visit the Illuminata store to try the most exciting models or our online store for the complete collection.

  • Welcome to 2020!

    10 Jan 2020

    From the entire Illuminata Eyewear team, we would like to congratulate everyone on 2020 New Year! Best of health, luck and prosperity to you and your family!

    We are excited about the new fashion trends this year. As you know, the largest fashion brands have already presented their Spring/Summer 2020 collections and we can tell it will be exciting. The theme of 2020 will be climate change. We will see more recycled materials and more emphasis on sustainable luxury. Luxury brands are finding themselves in a growth stage because shoppers in North America believe more and more that it's better to buy one expensive thing than a dozen cheap ones. For eyeglasses, this idea has always been relevant because expensive eyeglasses mean high quality, which means they will last many years more. 

    As far as fashion trends, we see that smaller shapes for sunglasses and eyeglasses are coming back into style. We have already received many models for the 2020 collection and see how many customers starting to like them. Not to confuse with 2000s styles, 2020 are similar smaller shapes, but they are updated, more futuristic looking. 2020 is very different from the 2000 style.

    Triangular shaped sunglasses and eyeglasses started to appear in 2019. It will become mainstream in 2020. 

    Hippy styles, oversized and gigantic glasses will continue to be popular in 2020. Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dior offer an extensive choice of this style.

    Some brands will stay true to their signature style. Burberry, Tiffany, Armani have new collections that are variations of their old collections. Shape and style are leaning towards 2020 but much more mellow, understated as these brands prefer the classic, timeless styles.

    Fun and exciting styles are coming from our customers' favorite Etnia, FYSH, KliiK, William Morris, Prodesign, Coco Song and other eyeglasses brands. More color, more surprise and excentric styles will come from these brands.