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Latest news

  • What is an Alternative to Rimless Glasses

    17 Mar 2023

    We are being asked a lot by return customers what is the alternative to rimless glasses. Rimless glasses were very popular 20 years ago and over the decades they gradually came out of style. The last fashion push was probably by Sarah Pallin, a VP presidential candidate in the US, which was 14 years ago. So many people asked what glasses was she wearing. It was rimless glasses. But even today, Sarah Pallin is not wearing those anymore.

    From over 10,000 styles that are offered on our website, only 30 are rimless glasses. Some brands don't even have one pair of rimless frames.

    The reason people loved rimless glasses was that they opened up a face. There is no frame around the lenses, and the face is clear and open. Rimless glasses worked for all skin tones, and you didn't have to worry about the shape of the lens as the lens is meant to be seamless. But the trends over the years evolved around the crispier image of the glasses and most people agreed that nice glasses look great and add much more to the personality.

    Dolce & Gabbana DG5093 Bvlgari BV4212F Prada VPR 05Z
    Tiffany TF2230F Marc Jacobs MARC628 Saint Laurent SL M112

    I think, if you want to make the transition from rimless to rimmed, you should go with plastic transparent frames. Transparent plastic glasses gained huge popularity over the decade and are now among the most trending styles. Transparent color does the same as rimless, it opens up the face and creates a seamless look. We have hundreds of styles in transparent color or a combination on our website.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we offer a huge variety of transparent glasses frames in different shapes, colors, and brands. Shop at our store or on our website and find your next favorite pair of glasses.

  • Prodesign Glasses - Nordic Urban Style

    15 Mar 2023

    Illuminata Eyewear
    has been selling Prodesign eyeglasses for over 20 years and many of our customers chose this brand repeatedly. The main two reasons - are quality and style. Prodesign brand put customer satisfaction above all. The highest quality material, best workmanship, and innovative construction in combination make Prodesign a synonym with quality.

    The choice of over 500 glasses frames offers styles across all genera, trends, and dress levels. Whether it's a classic, an avant-garde, or a sport - Prodesign has it all. The word Urban means are inclusive of all styles.

    Prodesign Hexa 1 Prodesign Hexa 2
    Prodesign Cut 1 Prodesign Prim 3

    This year Prodesign is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Half of the century of eyeglass manufacturing has made Prodesign one of the best-known eyewear companies in the world. At Illuminata, we always have several hundreds of frames on display and the entire collection online. One of the most favorite among our customers is the titanium collection. Hardcore frames with nice color finishing will make everyone ask you a question Where did you buy these glasses?

    Prodesign Trail 1 Prodesign Clear 1
    Prodesign Prim 2 Prodesign Catch 2

    Shop for Prodesign eyeglasses at Illuminata Eyewear online or at the store.

  • Tiffany & Co Sunglasses is the Best Value Gift for St. Valentine's Day

    6 Feb 2023

    This year St. Valentine's Day will be grandiose. Finally, unlimited parties, unlimited dating, and unlimited love. It's time to start thinking of the best gift for your lady. At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that Tiffany & Co sunglasses is the most romantic, practical, and cherished gift. There are many reasons for that.

    The first reason is that Tiffany & Co makes stunning sunglasses. Tiffany sunglasses follow the annual collection and are made with elements used for precious metal jewelry, diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces that are priced many times more than sunglasses. This year, 2023, the Tiffany T collection and Tiffany HardWare collection both have a few sunglasses as part of the collection.

    Tiffany TF4196F Tiffany TF4201

    Tiffany TF4199F

    Tiffany TF3088

    The second reason is that, most likely, you will travel this year for a lovely vacation. Or you will go out a lot and seeing your lady in Tiffany sunglasses will be just a delight to your eyes. Every time she puts on sunglasses, she will remember this year's St. Valentine's Day. Memories are priceless.

    The third reason is that Tiffany sunglasses are made of the highest quality. Handcrafted in Italy, they are made of the highest quality acetate. High-quality acetate is what makes sunglasses feel soft and self-adjust over time for the best fit. The warmth of the face will soften the plastic and make it take shape that is more comfortable for you. And adjusting by hand is also very easy with high-quality acetate. The sun lens provides the highest UV protection for your eyes, ensuring the best vision.

    The fourth reason is the style. Tiffany sunglasses, like jewelry, are made in classic shapes and styles. They are meant to last a lifetime and survive decades of ever-changing trends. You wouldn't change your diamond ring due to the evolving trends, would you? Same for sunglasses. They will last for a long time and make your lady look rich and beautiful.

    The fifth reason you would love to know. It's a Tiffany iconic box. All Tiffany sunglasses come in a Tiffany blue box.

    Walk in or shop online from Illuminata Eyewear.

  • Red and Burgundy is New Brown

    22 Nov 2022

    As this year is nearing to the end, we can conclude that Red and Burgundy is New Brown. The color that was so difficult to sell, suddenly, became very popular in Canada this year. And it's partly due to fashion brands that started to manufacture more of this color. Almost every ladies plastic glasses would have red or burgundy along with tortoise and black. If customer has been wearing tortoise for many years, or maybe their entire life, it was easy to convice that time has come to change!

    Red color works well for everyone, no matter the hair color, skin tone, style or age. It brightens up the face, even removes the need for makeup in many cases. Who needs a make up when you have red glasses on!
    Prada VPR 15X Versace VE4432U Versace 3320U
    Tom Ford 5812B Etnia Brutal No5 Tory Burch TY2122U

    Another great feature of red, that it comes in many shades and can be very toned down if you don't want a bit pop on your face. It can be semi-transparent or in violet tones. Red also became popular as accent color. Even a line or border in red on black or brown, makes glasses look quite awesome. It all partly became possible due to development of new technologies that allow fusing colors more easily. Eyeglasses designers definitely are having fun with it. It must be rewarding to see more people embrace this beautiful color.

    Worried about matching it to your clothing? No need at all! Glasses never meant to be matched by clothing or other accessories. What's on the face, is most important. You can have more fun with it by painting your nails red or putting on red lipstick.

    With the help of our customers we were able to debunk the myth that red color is not good on flashed faced. Some people didn't even want to try red glasses because their skink often turns red in heat or cold. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Red glasses will deflect from your red skin and in fact make your skin look more pale. Hard to beleive, but try them on to see the result.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we always had a good choice of red glasses. But now, we have even more!
  • Amazing In-Store Selection of Glasses

    17 Jun 2022

    Our store features thousands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, ready to try and buy. Illuminata Eyewear has been around for 30 years, and our dedicated staff works hard to offer you an image consultation and help you find the eyeglasses of your dreams.
    Our in-store selection will pleasantly surprise you. It might not seem extensive compared to tens of thousands of frames on our website, but it is enough for everyone to find a few pairs to be excited about.
    Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
    Let me tell you how we achieve such a good selection. We work with sales representatives of every brand to hand pick glasses for our in-store selection. Every brand representative visits our store a few times a year with an entire line stacked in huge display suitcases. And then, we look at and try every frame before selecting those we like the most to be put on the shelves. We know that looking at the pictures is not always enough. That is why we love to touch and try to be sure we choose the best-looking, trending, and non-redundant glasses for our displays.
    Choosing Glasses for Illuminata Eyewear
    We love fashion and are tuned into fashion shows and online magazines to know what is current and what is trending. We also love classic styles and always have hundreds of timeless styles that will last you for a decade.

  • Spring 2021 is About Small Business

    8 May 2021

    Fashion is moving on in 2021. The world is opening up, and new hopes are rising across the globe. While we in Canada definitely are stuck for a long time, we need to keep our spits up. The pandemic taught us many lessons, one being that the personal happiness and happiness of the family are the most important in hard times. We need to cheer each other and talk about nice things to get our days to go by a bit better.

    Small business is on the brink of extinction in Canada. Because Canadian cities are so spread out, stores are far from homes, and offices are concentrated in zones, people here have been early adopters of online shopping. By closing down business without any warning, most small businesses weren't prepared to survive in an online world. This allowed large chains to thrive and small businesses to close. The consumer is further pushed to shop online.

    At Illuminata Eyewear, we believe that small business is a retainer of culture. You don't expect to have a conversation in a large store with the owner. Over the past year, we often find ourselves having long discussions with our customers. We provide mental support and try to cheer you up. We are keyholders to promoting fashion, which in itself is a mental savior for many people. People often call us from all over the world, UK, Australia, USA, to inquire about glasses and talk about life.

    We shop from small businesses as much as possible, which was problematic due to such a lack of websites. At Illuminata Eyewear, we are prepared to serve you online by having a complete service website with vast selections of products. We invite you to shop on our website, call us anytime with inquiries, schedule an appointment for your vision needs. We welcome you to visit our store whenever you can. 

    Keep your spirits up! Check out new glasses and sunglasses styles. Discuss new trends with your family and friends. Make a wish list. Have a laugh! And remember, this country will not be fun without small business.