What is an Alternative to Rimless Glasses

17 March 2023

We are being asked a lot by return customers what is the alternative to rimless glasses. Rimless glasses were very popular 20 years ago and over the decades they gradually came out of style. The last fashion push was probably by Sarah Pallin, a VP presidential candidate in the US, which was 14 years ago. So many people asked what glasses was she wearing. It was rimless glasses. But even today, Sarah Pallin is not wearing those anymore.

From over 10,000 styles that are offered on our website, only 30 are rimless glasses. Some brands don't even have one pair of rimless frames.

The reason people loved rimless glasses was that they opened up a face. There is no frame around the lenses, and the face is clear and open. Rimless glasses worked for all skin tones, and you didn't have to worry about the shape of the lens as the lens is meant to be seamless. But the trends over the years evolved around the crispier image of the glasses and most people agreed that nice glasses look great and add much more to the personality.

Dolce & Gabbana DG5093 Bvlgari BV4212F Prada VPR 05Z
Tiffany TF2230F Marc Jacobs MARC628 Saint Laurent SL M112

I think, if you want to make the transition from rimless to rimmed, you should go with plastic transparent frames. Transparent plastic glasses gained huge popularity over the decade and are now among the most trending styles. Transparent color does the same as rimless, it opens up the face and creates a seamless look. We have hundreds of styles in transparent color or a combination on our website.

At Illuminata Eyewear, we offer a huge variety of transparent glasses frames in different shapes, colors, and brands. Shop at our store or on our website and find your next favorite pair of glasses.